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How to Choose Bridal Jewelry for a Winter Wedding

Published date: February 9, 2018

Winter Bridal Jewelry

Your engagement ring might be the star of your winter wedding bridal jewelry, but it’s only the start. After all, your wedding day is one of the most momentous events of your life. You want to accentuate your wedding ensemble with the perfect amount of sparkle. Yet, the winter time is the coldest season of the year, which changes the way most brides prepare for their big day. As you tackle the tough job of choosing your bridal jewelry for your winter wedding, let the experts here at Janviér Jewelers guide you.

Choosing the Perfect Pieces

In addition to your engagement ring, you want to wear other pieces of jewelry to help glamorize your look. But should you wear other rings? What about bracelets and possibly an anklet? Necklaces generally work depending on your wedding dress style, but will they go well with your dress? To help you answer these questions consider these finer points:

Consider Forgoing Bracelets

A winter wedding requires more coverage with your dress based on the temperature of the season. If you are wearing short or long sleeves, forgo bracelets with one exception. Consider a cuff bracelet that fits over your sleeve to add visual interest to your dress.

Think About Alternatives to Necklaces

If your dress has a high or choker-style neckline, think about whether you can adorn the neck area with the inclusion of a brooch or pin to give the sparkle of a necklace.

Select a Dramatic Necklace [If You Do Wear One]

Speaking of necklaces, these are often the showstopper pieces. If you have a dipping neckline go all out with a chandelier design with plenty of diamonds for maximum sparkle. Alternatively, choker necklaces are back in style and offer an interesting juxtaposition for a bridal neckline.

Are Anklets Back In?

Anklets add a bit of bling but are best with heels without an ankle strap or flats.

Break Out the Cocktail Rings

If you choose to wear more than just your engagement ring, wear any other ring on your right hand. However, you don’t need to go minimal. The current trend is all about cocktail rings that bling out your hands equally.

Adorn Some Oversized Earrings

Earrings can be the star of the show—if you can see them. Consider your hairstyle. For a winter wedding, your hair will most likely be partly or all down due to the cool temps. If so, choose oversized hoop earrings that stand out in your locks.

A final tip when choosing your jewelry pieces—more is almost always best as you want to create an over-the-top look of glamour for this special day.

Flower Power

Now you are ready to choose the color of jewels and metals. Before you do this, you need to have your floral arrangements picked out since these colors can clash with your accenting colors. Flowers for a winter wedding are limited in availability, which affects the colors of the arrangements. The most common flower colors for weddings this time of year are poinsettias, roses, calla lilies, and amaryllises in red, white, and green—if you are going with natural blossoms. Otherwise, with silk flowers, you can get away with other color schemes.

Next, consider whether you want to choose jewelry hues that complement or coordinate with the flower colors. For example, a popular flower for a winter wedding is the red poinsettia. Rubies will match this perfectly, while white and silver complement the scarlet flowers. However, if you are using all green arrangements, i.e., boughs and sprigs of evergreens, which is common in winter weddings, avoid wearing red jewelry. This gives the illusion of the holidays, a no-no unless you are specifically interested in a Christmas-themed wedding.

Shimmer and Shine

As you think about the color of your jewelry, focus on the nature around you. The enchantment of snow sparkling is one of the most beautiful aspects of the winter season. Here are some ways to bring that shimmer and the shine, minus the chill, into your wedding:

  • Nature-inspired jewelry pieces, such as brooches in the shape of jewel tone insects, are a huge trend right now and bring the outdoors in
  • Blue jewels are in the cool color spectrum and offer an icy cool tone to a winter wedding
  • Delicate accessories go well with the minimal feel of a stark winter season. If you prefer the less-is-more aesthetic, opt for layered thin strand necklaces.
  • Pearls are perfect for a winter wedding because these bold white beauties are reminiscent of opalescent snowballs.

Another tip is that your jewelry needs to stand out against an all-white backdrop—especially if you are getting your wedding photos made outdoors in a wintry landscape. This is where the right amount of color comes into the picture.

Color Preferences

The primary color choice for a winter wedding is anything in the cool color spectrum. This includes grays, blues, greens, and purples that elicit all things earthly like landscape, water and, sky. Following with a cool color scheme, matching metals include white silver, white gold, and platinum. As for jewels in this color palette, go with emerald, sapphire, amethyst, diamonds, or crystals. If you choose a warm-hued jewel, such as ruby red, use this as a contrasting color to coordinate with cool tones.

What about black jewels or accessories? This is one of the hottest trends for contemporary styles. Black has always been a classic color choice, and it works well for winter weddings with a minimalist aesthetic. For a fashion-forward look include black jewels with silver, platinum, or white gold metals. Accent with either jewel-toned pieces or diamonds to create a cohesive look.

Choosing Engagement Rings and Wedding Jewelry in Delaware

Winter is an exciting time of year to have a wedding, and we want you to have the most spectacular event possible. Start by choosing the best winter wedding jewelry for your big day. Here at Janviér Jewelers in Delaware, we are ready to help you find wedding jewelry to complement your theme, wedding colors, and personal style. We have more than 40 years of experience in luxury jewelry and diamond engagement rings. Come visit our Christiana Mall Location or call (302) 366-7448 to start choosing your beautiful bridal jewelry!