Custom Design

At Janvier Jewelers, creative design is the heart of our business. The distinctiveness of our custom designed jewelry comes from over 37 years of experience. Supported by a staff of professionals, experienced designers, gemologists and access to the latest state of the art technology, we transform ideas into art. Our knowledgeable staff will work one-on-one with you to create your custom piece of jewelry to be treasured and admired for a lifetime.

The Design Process

The idea of designing a custom piece of jewelry can be daunting. Janvier will assist you in creating an artistic piece of quality jewelry that you won’t find anywhere else. We take pride in helping our customers visualize their ideas and turning them into reality. Our staff is enthusiastic about designing a personalized creation.

Some of our customers choose a gemstone before deciding on the exact design. Others trust us with their treasured heirlooms, to re-design or restore to their previous brilliance. Whatever the case, Janvier will provide you with a high level of detail and personal attention.

Repair & Restoration

Unlike many other jewelry stores, virtually all of our repair and restoration work takes place on premises. Janvier’s highly trained professionals take pride in their craft and in the quality of their work. The repair or restoration is not just a job, it’s a reflection of the jewelers craft and skill, performed with pride.


Jewelry is not covered on most homeowner’s insurance policies. Our appraisers are certified by the Gemological Institute of America. If your jewelry is lost or stolen, the appraisal is used as a basis for obtaining a proper replacement. It is imperative that the appraisal document consist of detailed and accurate information.

We generally assume that an appraisal is needed for items over $500. When you purchase a piece of jewelry at Janvier, we will provide you with an appraisal free of charge. If you need an appraisal on a piece of jewelry that was not purchased at Janvier, we may need to keep your jewelry for sufficient time to gather information to provide you with an accurate appraisal. Fees are relative to the amount of time required to appraise.

Watch Repair

A fine watch can last more than a lifetime with routine and proper care. We can clean, service, maintain, and repair many of your fine watches. Most watch repair service will begin with an initial inspection and free estimate. Watches are treated with the same respect and care as our jewelry. Bring your watch to Janvier Jewelers for a free estimate and let our expert staff take care of your watch.

Free Professional Inspection and Refinishing

Janvier Jewelers will inspect for damage, and professionally clean your diamond jewelry at no charge for the lifetime of your purchase. This is done while you wait, as often as you like, by our own Jewelry Professionals.

Fine Jewelry Guarantee

Janvier Jewelers guarantees that every piece of our fine jewelry is free from original defects in both material and workmanship. If such defect is found (excluding normal wear and tear), Janvier Jewelers will repair or replace that item at no charge to the customer.