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Twelve Creative and Romantic Proposal Ideas that Will Rock Her World

Published date: January 20, 2016

Romantic Proposal Ideas
If 2016 is going to be the year you propose, lucky you! It’s exciting to find the person you love enough to marry. But, along with elation comes nerves when it’s time to think about the proposal. When is a good time? How will you do it? What type of ring should you buy? Will she say YES?

All of these are crucial questions that must be answered before you go down on one knee. While we have all seen the proposals at sporting events on the jumbo-tron, and at close by tables at romantic restaurants, there are actually many ways to pop the question in a personalized, memorable way. Here are twelve creative and romantic proposal ideas that will rock her world. And, of course, entice her into saying yes.

Unique Proposal Ideas

Dazzling her with an out-of-the-box proposal is sexy and inspiring.

#1: Plan a scavenger hunt– For a fun and adventurous lady, a scavenger hunt is a great proposal idea. The concept is to create several clues that lead her down a path, ending up at the engagement ring. This is fun to do on an event like her birthday or anniversary, so that she will be surprised by a beautifully enchanting diamond ring at the end.

#2: Propose during a fireworks show– Few events are more dramatic that a fireworks show. Take your love and ask her to marry you at the first pop. This is especially romantic if you have friends in on the plan, so they can take pictures of you on one knee with the fireworks in the background.

#3: Go window shopping– Use your lady’s enthusiasm for shopping to your advantage. While on the way to your favorite bistro or restaurant, suggest some window shopping, and walk past a bakery. Have it planned in advance to have “Will you marry me, Kelly?” decorated on a cake in the window. Pop the question, and take your cake home to enjoy together later.
Personalized ways. Using past experiences of your lives as a couple within the proposal is romantic and timeless.

#4: Propose with salad– If part of your routine is cooking together, plan on a romantic dinner at home, and ask her to chop the salad. Slide her new gorgeous engagement ring on one of the carrots, and let her find it. Be ready with your words of love when you hear her gasp of surprised happiness.

#5: Choose a memorable location– The first time you saw each other, your first date, or the place you first said “I love you” are all special and meaningful. Set your proposal around one of these places, complete with flowers and champagne. This sets the tone for many romantic times to come in the future.

#6: Incorporate your favorite song– Think about “our song” and use it to ask your love to marry you. If you are musical, sing her a few lines before you go down on one knee. Or, have it playing when she comes home from work, and be ready with her new engagement ring.

#7: Write a love poem– If you are an artistic word smith, craft a poem and read it during the proposal. Use your soon-to-be-fiancee’s personality and your past memories together as material to make the prose a touching tribute to your romance.

#8: Make a list– Brainstorm a list of all the reasons you love and adore your lady. Read these to her on one knee, then break out the ring box and ask her to be your wife.

#9: Enlist your pet– Dog and cat people should get their animals in the mix. Attach her dazzling new ring to your pet’s collar, and let her find the gorgeous diamond while she’s giving it a snuggle. Be close by to pop the question, and slip the ring on her finger.

Destination Proposal Ideas

Going out of town for your proposal? Then consider these ideas.

#10: Write it in the sand– Nothing is more romantic than a walk on the beach. Write “will you marry me” in the sand, or spell it out with seashells, then walk with your future wife and let her find it. Be ready to take a knee and break out the ring.

#11: Deliver it with room service– Opt for a quiet night in your hotel room and order in. Arrange for the concierge to place the engagement ring under a cover, along with flowers and champagne. Imagine her surprise when she lifts if off expecting dinner, and sees a dazzling diamond!

#12: Rent a hot air balloon– Floating through the air in a hot air balloon is a perfect place to ask a whimsical and romantic lady for her hand in marriage. There are several places that offer hot air balloon rides, with the wine country in California being one of the most romantic.

You will both tell your proposal story many times, and remember it as one of your most special days. Put some thought into how you want to pop the question, and take the time to arrange the plan so that it executes with flawless perfection.

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