Touchingly romantic, deeply alluring, and artistically enchanting. These are words that explain the feelings every woman wants to experience when she gazes at her lovely fine jewelry. One word encompasses these, and many more. Twogether.

A brainchild of global diamond company Gems One, Twogether is an inspired creation of fine diamond jewelry that offers the highest quality, most sophisticated designs in today’s fine jewelry marketplace. In addition, the company’s unique mission is to provide their clients with unsurpassed value in addition to quality, so that every person who wears a Twogether piece of jewelry is ultimately delighted and captivated, not just now, but forever.

Seldom is there such a dramatic merging of rich artistic expression and modern innovation as there is with the Twogether Collection’s fine jewelry. It captures the essence of deep and abiding love, and showcases it in a variety of detailed designs, all while offering the customer value for their budget. From dazzlingly splendid diamond earrings, to sumptuously created pendants, to provocative rings, the entire concept is fantastically flawless from beginning to end.

The Twogether Collection unique line offers the exquisitely modern idea of the two-stone ring. Each stone symbolizes the perfect match between two people as well as symbolizes the variety of elements that make up their personal connection. These pieces of jewelry offer a lovely testament to the couple’s love and devotion. Matching, dual diamonds grace each piece of jewelry to create a statement of the depth of a relationship.

While the styles are simple and elegantly charming, the process behind each piece of Twogether jewelry is detailed and intricate. Experienced Master Craftsmen combine skill and artistry to manufacture the Twogether Collection, and they demand the most exemplary standards of materials and stones. All mountings are created from high quality 14 carat gold, and each stone is chosen carefully in order to meet their formidable expectations. The Master Craftsmen then forge each piece of jewelry with care, taking their time to create unerringly gorgeous detail and impeccable finishing. Each stone is hand set by a Master Setter, ensuring balanced, pure perfection. The finished product showcases this commitment to quality with the radiance and luxurious sophistication that every woman craves in her jewelry.

The Twogether Collection is headquartered in New York, and only sold at the nation’s highest quality finest jewelry stores. Janvier Jewelers is pleased to offer their clients a wide array of offerings from the exquisitely designed Twogether Collection. Visit us today at our shop in Christiana Mall and talk with one of our experienced jewelry associates. We have been providing the ultimate jewelry experience to our valued customers since 1975, and will assist you in choosing the perfect piece from the Twogether Collection