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Jewelry Every Man Can Appreciate: Father’s Day Gifts 2017

Published date: May 18, 2017


Father’s Day sometimes can be one of the toughest “gift” holidays out there.

While just about every mom will appreciate flowers for her special day in May, fewer dads will be as impressed by a beautiful floral bouquet. (Unless, of course, it has bacon on or around it.)

Some dads may go ga-ga for barbecue paraphernalia but not all of them have the skill or the interest to grill well. Others may like clothes or sports stuff. But a universal gift for Father’s Day – or any day – is jewelry. Taking the effort to find something special for Pop shows that you care. Nice jewelry is something that any age of parent can wear proudly, especially if it fits his personality and sense of style. He may also get hooked and want more, providing gift-givers with a great future wish list.

For those seeking jewelry shopping ideas for Father’s Day, consider the following functional and fun selections for every interest and formality level. You can also always browse our site or visit our location for useful suggestions from our helpful staff.

Tie Bars

Just about anything from a piece of tape to a paper clip can secure your cravat from flapping to the wrong side or flipping too much. A more intricate tie bar can look good and catch people’s attention in positive ways, all the while making sure your tie, and you, always look great and the tie faces forward.

Tie bars of the past were big and bulky and basically clamped the tie shut, but today’s stylish bars are smaller and understated so more focus can stay on the tie, but those who look closer can notice the appeal of the extra accent. Design choices can include a simple retro style silver band or something with diamonds or semi-precious gemstones like topaz or garnet inserted to provide extra sparkle.

Money Clips

Continuing the perfect combo of something functional yet decorative, a money clip is a fine tool for keeping your cash in one place. It’s easy to grab the clip when it’s time to pay for something and you may need to use your wallet for other things. You can keep other items such as credit cards or ID in the clip, something that can be handy on occasions where you don’t need to bring your wallet and everything in it along, or have the bulge of your wallet be seen.

Having one can also be good for your personal security: potential criminals may target your wallet but may not see your clip. Money clips can be found in a variety of attractive design styles, including something simple clips and made of silver, or others with attractive lines.

Cuff Links

With more and more workplaces reducing their dress codes, many professional men aren’t wearing suits or ties as often as they used to. But even so, most employers still require dress shirts, so cuff links can be a nice style statement for anyone. They look classy and have the added bonus of keeping your sleeve length looking even and your cuffs easier to button instead of having to manipulate those tricky smaller buttons that require significant amounts of dexterity.

A classic style of cufflink is made of silver, silver with 18K yellow or gold. Many include stones in the middle like Black Onyx, Blue Topaz or Tiger Iron. If you want something that will blend in better, diamonds can be the gem of choice. Other popular styles lack the central gemstones but have sleek lines or perhaps smaller gemstones as an in-set.


Rings for men aren’t designed to be dainty, especially when compared to the generally slimmer style of women’s rings. Men’s rings are a little wider and bulker, but still look great on slightly larger male fingers and hands. Rings can reference special memories, feelings or circumstances, such as school, a fraternity, sports teams, military service or marriage. They also can be given or worn just because they look nice or as a Father’s Day gift.

Style-wise, there are all sorts of designs which can appeal to someone’s particular taste and style. For instance, many of the bands are made out of silver, types of gold or other precious metals. Some feature larger or smaller gemstones, which can be handy especially if they match a certain important color, like a birthstone. Ones with diamonds can look especially impressive.


A necklace is a subtle way to look your best but only you know about it since it’s often covered up by a shirt or sweatshirt. Necklaces can be simple or include pendants showing icons or imagery important to the wearer, such as a religious symbol or a photo/cameo of someone (the gift-giver?). Necklaces can also include small pieces of artwork, such as a decorative piece of glass. The straps can be metal, often silver, or leather.


Telling time is good, but your phone or the wall clock can do that. But a sharp-looking watch can also show that the recipient is a lover of fine things. It is also an item that people can wear in any condition or any wardrobe choice.


A simple silver clamp will be handy for wearing something sharp-looking on one’s wrist. On days where dad will wear long shirts to work, only he’ll know that he’s rocking a lovely bracelet under his clothes. Or on days where short-sleeves are the order of business, dad will likely receive positive feedback on his bracelet. Another appeal of bracelets is how easy they can be removed or re-worn. Many modern styles of bracelets are simple in their look, but this can be an easy way to look good.

Overall the good thing about jewelry, for men or for women, is that it allows the wearer to show that they’re interested in looking good but also wanting to look good by sporting something unique. For more details on many of these items, Visit Janvier Jewelers today or call 302-366-7448.