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Keep Your Diamond Engagement Ring Looking Shiny and New with These Tips

Published date: February 11, 2016

Keep Your Engagement Ring Clean
After he proposes and slips the ring on your finger, it’s important for you to realize that, in addition to a statement of and a promise of marriage, a diamond engagement ring is an investment, and requires proper care. Failing to maintain your ring will leave is looking dull, dirty, or even worse, allow the stones to fall out!

Take these tips to heart to keep your diamond engagement ring looking shiny and new, and all the stones safely ensconced in the setting.

Bestow it with tender loving care. We know you most likely never want to take your ring off, but it’s a good idea to go bare-fingered on certain occasions. Remember your ring is a delicate piece of art, and shouldn’t participate in activities like sports or heavy cleaning. Avoid submerging your hands in harsh chemicals with it on, or engaging in yard work where the band could get scratched or the prongs could be damaged. Treating your engagement ring with care is one of the simplest ways to keep it looking brilliantly new.

Over time, however, your beautiful bauble can become dingy, consider cleaning it, but remember…

Before you clean, consider the type of stones. It’s true that diamonds are super duper hard, but do you have any other stones in your ring? Other stones are easier to chip or break, and some, opals and emeralds for examples, are heat/cold sensitive. Take extra care with a ring that sports stones besides diamonds, and ask your jeweler the best way to keep your particular ring looking brilliantly flawless.

Once a week: Use a homemade recipe to clean it.

There is little reason to pay a large amount of money for what could be a harsh, chemical jewelry cleaner. Dig under your sink and find the best cleaner for your ring. Use equal parts of ammonia and warm water, and soak your ring for 10 minutes. If you need a brush to get lotion, oil, or makeup out the your ring’s hard-to-reach spots, make certain your choose a soft-bristled brush and gently brush the solution around the base of the ring and stone. Wash the solution off with warm water and dry with a soft cloth. Voila! The bling will be back in your ring.

Once a month: Periodically inspect your prongs.

It’s a horrible feeling to glance at your hand and see that your center stone or a side stone is missing. That’s why it’s a good practice to closely examine the prongs that hold it. Even one damaged prong can cause you to lose your stone, whether from a snagged sweater, a bump against a door, or other every day activities. Take a magnifying glass and check each one out carefully. Are they wearing thin? Do they move? If any of them seems loose or worn, get your ring to the jeweler right away.

Once a quarter: Schedule cleaning with your jeweler.

At-home cleanings and examinations are smart, but they don’t compare to maintenance from a professional jeweler. Drop in the store where your ring was purchased, or another fine jewelry store, and have the jeweler inspect and clean it for you. He or she can buff out any scratches on your band, clean it with professional products, and make certain the mounting and prongs are in top shape. Plus, it gives you a chance to shop a little while your ring is being serviced!

A regular regimen of cleaning is important to keep you ring as beautiful and radiant as it was the day your love slipped it on your finger. With proper attention to cleaning at-home and a periodic visit to your jeweler, your ring will be magnificent for decades!

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