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How to Select Quality Gemstone Jewelry

Published date: June 15, 2017


The engagement ring you choose for your special day will be a symbol of love and the commitment you make to your fiancé. That is why you should choose a ring whose quality represents the unique nature of the occasion. Your wife-to-be deserves nothing but the best, a factor that makes it necessary to invest both time and thought when looking for the perfect engagement ring. Choosing quality gemstone jewelry does not have to be difficult. By keeping in mind several factors, you will be able to choose an engagement ring that will not only make your future spouse happy but also make you proud.

The Type of Gemstone

While some people consider gemstone to be an attractive adornment, others believe that the precious stones have healing effects and special meaning. However, you will only realize the special benefits of the stones if they are of high quality and the right shape. Different precious stones are usually integrated into jewelry. Some of the gemstones you can choose from include diamond, amethyst, emerald, sapphire, and ruby.

Color of The Gemstone

Studying the color of the gemstone is one of the important aspects of checking the quality of the stone. In the jewelry industry, high-quality gemstones are easily recognizable from the depth of tone, the purity of hue and color saturation. This means that gemstones of high quality will feature traces of other colors and will neither be too light nor too dark. When shopping for an engagement ring, you should look out for gemstones that are treated to enhance their color.

Clarity of The Gemstone

Clarity is another important factor to consider when adjudging the quality of gemstones. The more transparent a gemstone is, the better its quality. This is because flaws and inclusions in the stones tend to undermine their beauty. However, flaws in natural gemstones will go to show you that the precious stones have not been treated. It is important to remember that flawless gemstones are extremely rare and very expensive. One of the reasons why you should avoid treated gemstones is because they will not offer any astrological benefits.

Cut of the Gemstone

The cut of the gemstone used in the jewelry piece will also contribute towards the quality of the ring. The cut of the stone will bring out the aesthetic value of the ring by reflecting lights from perfect angles. Quality cut gemstones will also be configured to optimal brilliance. The stone will expose fewer inclusions, present even color and display majority of the karat weight when used in jewelry.

Carat Weight

This is one among the four factors that determine the quality of any gemstone. When shopping around for the perfect engagement ring, you should focus on the weight rather than the size of the gemstone. This means focusing more on denser precious stones in the jewelry as opposed to bigger ones.


It is important to understand the difference between the karat weight and size of the gemstone you choose. In fact, experts in the jewelry industry say that karat weight may not be the most accurate measure of a gemstone size. One of the best ways to determine the size of a gemstone would be to get the diameter of the precious stone when viewed from above. Once the gemstone is set in jewelry, this is the only part of the stone that will be visible.


Today, most of the gemstones available in the market have been treated to enhance their color and appearance. Those stones that have not been treated but still exhibit great clarity, desirable color, and maximum brilliance come at extravagant prices. When thinking about enhancements, there are universal treatments that will not require special care of the stone because they are permanent. Other treatments will require special care that will protect the gemstone from damage. This may require an infusion of war or colorless to maintain the clarity of the stone.

Ring Care

Every single gemstone has its unique characteristics, a factor that should be borne in mind when buying an engagement ring. You should think about the everyday care that the ring requires as well as how and when the ring will be worn. These factors will determine how long the ring will last. In general, the durability and hardness of a gemstone will determine its longevity.

Metal used in the piece

Besides the quality of the gemstone used in a jewelry piece, it would also be important to look at the metal used in the piece. Superior quality metals will not only boost the appearance of the engagement ring but will also ensure longevity. Some of the quality metals you should consider going for include platinum, gold, silver and white gold. Just like flawless gemstones, these high-quality metals will come at extravagant prices.


Even as you think about the day, you will propose to your girlfriend you should also have in mind the versatility of the jewelry piece. It is important to choose a ring that will match your girlfriend’s dressing style and taste. This will ensure that the piece of jewelry looks great on any day, regardless of the outfit your fiancé will put on.

With the time and thought that go into buying the perfect engagement ring, it is important to do some research before you start shopping around. Learning about the qualities mentioned will be the first step towards choosing the most appropriate ring. You should identify a reputed seller who will give you access to a wide variety of quality products. You should also have a budget and ensure that the ring you buy is affordable.

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