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Keep Your Partner and Your Wallet Happy This Valentine’s Day

Published date: February 8, 2017

valentines day jewelry

Seeing your partner’s face light up as they open the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is a priceless memory. But sometimes the involved planning and spending leads to stress and overstretched budgets. The good news is, buying that ideal jewelry gift doesn’t have to be an expensive chore. By planning ahead and working with experienced jewelers, you can wow your loved one without breaking the bank.

Learn What They Love

Jewelry makes a personal statement. Just as some women prefer dangling chandelier earrings and some men prefer big, bold watches, other women stick to delicate studs and some men forego watches altogether. The best way to impress your loved one is by gifting jewelry that shows you’ve paid attention and know what styles represent them best. Take note of what your partner wears. Check the jewelry box to find color preferences. Does he favor gold or silver colors? Does she have a favorite gemstone; don’t assume it’s her birthstone. Not all May babies like emeralds, after all.

When looking through her jewelry box, try to picture how often she wears the jewelry inside. If she has a gold ring you’ve never seen before, consider the reason. The ring may not reflect her current fashion style, or it may not be wearable with her career or hobbies. In some professions, like those that require frequent changing of disposable gloves, gemstone rings can be a hindrance. Consider whether your Valentine would like a more practical, everyday piece of a jewelry or something best suited for special occasions. To find out what they’ve been pining for, check their Pinterest page and talk to their friends.

Know Your Diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but not all diamonds are budget friendly. The 4Cs of diamonds help set the price by evaluating the gemstone’s characteristics. Carat describes the size. Clarity is a way to measure the diamond’s appearance, accounting for any marks within the stone. A diamond that has slight inclusions will be less expensive than a diamond that is nearly flawless. Color can have two meanings. There are colored diamonds – picture the famous blue Hope Diamond – and there are colorless (white) diamonds that are measured and valued by how colorless they actually are.

Finally, the cut is important for more than shape preference. The cut affects how the diamond sparkles. If you’re proposing, pick a cut your partner will love for the rest of your lives. Although the heart cut says Valentine’s Day, your future spouse may prefer a more classic princess (square) cut or round brilliant diamond for an engagement ring.

Decide on Durability

A quality jeweler will help you understand how to evaluate gems and metals, but it helps to go into the store prepared with ideas of what you’d like to browse. If, for example, you’ve concluded your partner prefers silvers over golds, your next step is to pick a silver-colored metal; there are many. Sterling silver is the most affordable, but platinum and gold are more durable. When it comes to gems, there’s a rainbow from which to choose, and different gems are better for different purposes. Some gems – like jades, aquamarines, pearls and opals – are less durable and more ideal for necklaces and earrings. The 4Cs also apply to gemstones and will affect the price.

Shop Trusted Establishments

Buying fine jewelry is not like buying roses, teddy bears and chocolates. Where you shop really matters, and some stores offer deals that are too good to be true. Although some jewelers run Valentine’s specials, avoid any store that offers a discount of over 50 percent, warns Jewelers of America. Instead, stick with a store that always practices fair pricing and works with you to find the right gift within your budget. Experience and certifications matter. Look for a long-running business that is a member of Jewelers of America. Also, consider the jeweler’s return policy and maintenance services. If you’ve found the perfect tennis bracelet or blue sapphire ring, ensure the jeweler stands behind it with inspections, cleanings and repairs.

Janvier Jewelers is proud to have Delaware’s largest selection of diamonds. Backed by 25 years of fine jewelry expertise, our team is committed to helping you find the perfect piece of jewelry this Valentine’s Day. Visit our store or call us at (302) 366-7448 to talk to one of our experienced Jewelry Associates to start your Valentine’s Day shopping!