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Benefits of Buying Your Diamond Engagement Ring in Delaware

Published date: May 13, 2016

Diamonds in Delaware
Chances are, if you are in the market for a diamond engagement ring, you are planning to part with a significant amount of money. According to a recent article in The New York Times, couples spent an average of $4000 on an engagement ring, which totaled a staggering 11 billion dollars on engagement and wedding jewelry in the United States in 2012!

Unless you are completely loaded, or have figured out how to grow a money tree, your budget most likely weighs prominently into your diamond engagement ring decision. While one should never compromise on quality, or forgo doing business with a reputable jewelry store, there are ways to save money on this particularly important purchase. One of the easiest is to shop for your engagement ring in Delaware.

Why Buy a Diamond in Delaware?

Delaware is one of only a handful of states that doesn’t have sales tax on jewelry purchases. This means, depending on your budget, you can save hundreds of dollars on your engagement ring!

Not sure you want to make the trip to reap the tax-free advantages? Consider these three exciting benefits jewelry shopping in Delaware allows you.

Get more brilliant bling for your buck.

Choosing an engagement ring is a challenging and stressful endeavor. After all, you need to find a piece of jewelry that will delight your love, look fantastically flawless on her finger, enamor her so much she wants to wear it for decades, and spur her to say “yes” to your proposal. All within your budget. No pressure, right?

Shopping in Delaware frees up, depending on where you live, 3-8% of money you would have spent on taxes. That way, you can use the savings to buy a bit larger or higher quality stone, or keep it to spend on the wedding ring, or the honeymoon. Saving several hundreds of dollars is well worth the short drive to Delaware from Maryland, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania.

While shopping in Delaware offers great savings, you fortunately won’t need to…

Sacrifice any of the great service.

Buying a diamond engagement ring isn’t just about the piece of jewelry, it’s about a partnership. Sure, every diamond dealer and jewelry shop would be happy to sell you a ring, but the purchase isn’t the end of the story. While you may not be thinking about quality customer support right now, it will be important to you later. Will the jewelry store stand behind the purchase, provide regular maintenance, and be available should issues arise? Will they even be in business five years down the road? Purchasing your diamond engagement ring from a reputable, long-standing jewelry store located in Delaware gives you the best of all worlds, in terms of quality, service, and savings.

It’s important to all note that shopping for your engagement ring in Delaware sure…

Beats other ways of tax-free shopping.

We all hear the bright stories of friends who have gone on cruises and scored outrageous deals in jewelry stores in the islands. It’s true there are tons of jewelry stores in cruise ports, and some of them have gorgeous jewelry. However, should you really fork over such a large sum of money on perhaps the most important jewelry you will ever buy out of the country? The smart answer is “no.” Buying out of the country may save a bit of cash, but it puts you at greater risk of not getting what you pay for. Unfortunately, these sellers know doing business with you is most likely a one-time purchase, which may encourage them to be less than honest about quality and authenticity. The good news is, by taking advantage of tax-free shopping in Delaware, you can walk away with a truly authentic diamond for as nice of a price as in the islands, with none of the risk.

Shopping and purchasing a diamond engagement ring can be an expensive and lengthy process. It pays to think about the type of ring that fits your love’s taste and style, as well as your budget. By taking the time to shop in Delaware, you can get more for your money, while sacrificing none of the quality or after-the-sell support and service.

Do you need assistance choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring, and staying within your budget? Call us at 302-366-7448 or visit Janvier Jewelers in Delaware to speak with one of our helpful, highly experienced sales associates. We have been helping customers make beautiful buying decisions since 1975, and are a Delaware store where your purchase is tax-free.