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Birthstones: A Guide to Each Month’s Gem

Published date: May 31, 2016

Everyone has a birthstone. Some people adore theirs and wear daily, while others moan they got “stuck with one” they feel is less than alluring.

However, each of the birthstones hold their own special charm, and a lady can work them into her personal style. Let’s break down each birthstone, and its dazzling features. Who knows, you may just fall in love with yours all over again.

Most Expensive Birthstones

Some stones are automatically, size-for-size, more expensive than others. The diamond, April’s birthstone, is a perfect example. Other precious stones are the birthstones for May, July, and September.

April: The exquisitely fiery diamond entices, no matter when your birthday. Its lovely sparkle and incredible elegance are beautiful whether as a solitaire in a pendant or earrings, or fashioned into a beautiful cocktail ring. As the “queen of gemstones” there is diamond jewelry available for all tastes and prices ranges.

May: The emerald birthstone is a fantastically gorgeous green. It shines in rings, necklaces, and earrings and is radiant when by itself or accompanied by diamonds. Because of their rarity, top quality emeralds can cost more than even diamonds. Quality is mainly determined by the color of the emerald, the darker and richer, the better. Emeralds are quite delicate and extra care should be taken when wearing or cleaning emerald jewelry. Every May-born lady swoons at the prospect of an emerald piece of jewelry.

July: Those lucky ladies born in July are blessed with an exquisitely dramatic birthstone in the ruby. Red is the color of passion and romance, and the fiery ruby evokes both in spades. However, rubies are far from cheap, and deep red rubies, like emeralds, often cost more than diamonds. Solitaire rubies are more expensive than smaller rubies, and both are used in luxuriously designed rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

September: From medium blue to deep azure, to fancy colors of purple and green, the sapphire inspires artistically designed jewelry for the woman with a September birthday. The only stone harder than a sapphire is a diamond, which makes them a perfect choice for the woman who works with her hands. Sapphires sparkle brilliantly, no matter which piece of jewelry they adorn. The price is steep, but those on a budget can still enjoy the sapphire’s eloquent beauty by choosing a smaller or less deeply-colored stone.

Less Expensive Birthstones

There are several birthstones less expensive than the four mentioned above. These share their own uniquely compelling whimsy with the ladies born in that particular month. These are the semi-precious birthstones of January, February, March, and August.

January: The sophisticated garnet gemstone comes in a variety of hues, from deep red similar to a ruby, to deep brownish red. This stone rocks in fancy cuts, from oval to emerald cut. At a more modest price than the precious birthstones, the January birthday girl can indulge in larger stones for a lower price.

February: Amethyst is the most popular stone offered up by the quartz family, and has delighted ladies for centuries with its stunning purple colors, from lilac to deep violet. Amethysts are deliciously elegant in rings in a variety of shapes, and fit with most metals to offer a wide range of styling choices for the February-born lady.

March: The excitingly mysterious aquamarine is a must for the woman born in March. With its wide rainbow of ocean-inspired hues, from green blue to pale blue , it’s easy to see why it was named after the sea. This stone is resplendent as an emerald cut ring, and smaller stones are delicious in an aquamarine and diamond tennis bracelet.

August: The element iron gives this enticing gemstone it’s lively green color, with the bright lime green tone being the most sought after. Pear-shaped peridot pendants and oval peridot rings are sure to delight a girl with an August birthday.

Months with More Than One Birthstone

Then, there are those months that offer up more than one birthstone. The lucky ladies born in June, October, November, and December have vibrant choices.

June: Ladies are faced with the option of either an alexandrite or a pearl for their birthstone. Alexandrite is a rare stone that dazzles with hues of pink, blue, shades of red, and purple. And, little else is as classically elegant as a pearl. Alexandrite earrings catch the light in a mesmerizing way, while a pearl necklace or bracelet evokes timeless style and artistry.

October: The tourmaline and opal are the charming choices for the October birthday girl. The pink tourmaline, although the gemstone offers many other colors, is the October birthstone, and is captivating in all jewelry, with other stones or as a stand-alone statement. The opal brings the allure of a bit of vintage appeal, and is decadent with hints of color deep inside. Keep in mind, however, opals are delicate, so take extra care in cleaning and maintenance of all opal jewelry.

November: Yellow topaz and citrine are November’s birthstone options. From canary yellow to rich gold, the citrine showcases glamorous elegance, especially in fancy shapes. The yellow topaz is just as brilliantly enchanting, whether set in a ring or as a pendant.

December: The last month of the year boasts blue topaz and turquoise as its birthstone choices. Blue topaz is found as a light blue or a bright turquoise stone that is stylish and dramatic. Turquoise is exquisitely reminiscent of old world charm, and each piece has its own unique markings. Both are moderately priced, delightful gift choices for the woman born in December.

The good news is; birthstones never go out of style. No matter your birth month, there are sure to be perfect jewelry options for your birthstone. Whether shopping for yourself, or for someone else, visit Janvier Jewelers today or call us at 302-366-7448. One of our experienced jewelry professionals will assist you with choosing a birthstone that will be treasured for decades.