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Five Splendidly Helpful Bridal Jewelry Buying Tips from the Pros

Published date: September 29, 2015

Bridal Jewelry

Before the “I Do’s” are said, there are a few, try hundreds, of other decisions to be made. First, that pesky problem of finding the right person to spend the rest of your life with. Then, of course, there’s the essentially important matter of the jewelry.

Sizes, shapes, colors, and prices of engagement rings and wedding bands are enough to make the normal person run screaming into the street. Trying to fit your perfect bridal jewelry into a budget that doesn’t have you eating Spaghetti-O’s for two years makes it even more difficult.

If you are embarking on the bridal jewelry journey, take heart. It doesn’t have to be stressful or difficult, especially if you make your first stop at Janvier Jewelers and talk with one of our professional jewelry associates.

Feel like doing a little legwork on your purchase before walking through the jewelry store door? We will share five splendid jewelry buying tips from the pros to get you started down the path to the perfect bridal jewelry.

Gabriel and Co. Ring#1: Narrow down your options: The pros know the millions of style choices in bridal jewelry are overwhelming, which is why a buyer must think about their lifestyle, fashion preferences, and budget. Do you like delicate and demure, luxurious and sophisticated, or bold and dramatic? Can you wear jewelry with tall settings during your normal day, or would lower set stones be a better choice? Are you up for uber modern, or do you prefer vintage? And, finally, what is the price range that fits in your budget? Answering these questions before you begin shopping puts you ahead of the game, and it assists the sales associate working with you in the direction to guide you during your jewelry store visit.

#2: Keep a keen eye on quality: Sticking to a budget or deciding to choose a more simple piece of jewelry does NOT mean you must compromise quality! Jewelry pros understand the importance of this purchase, and advise to take your time in your choice. Attention to quality is the primary reason to work with a highly reputable, experienced jeweler who can educate you on the most high quality choices within your taste and budget. And the old adage is true: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Steer clear of amazing online sales, or individual sellers offering deep discounts on used pieces.

Bridal Jewelry Bracelet#3: Think about your wedding jewelry: Engagement rings and wedding bands dance through your thoughts, but how about your wedding jewelry? If your answer is a blank stare, don’t despair! After you choose the engagement ring and wedding bands, begin thinking about the type of jewelry to wear on your big day. Your dress obviously plays a crucial role in this decision. Do you lean more toward the completely glamorous accessories, or a bit of understated elegance? Choose each piece so that it complements the entire ensemble.

Reception jewelry is also important, if you will be changing into another dress for the send off. A modern, fun statement piece is a nice touch. Of course, never overshadow your new wedding band!

#4: Don’t forget about the groom! In the jewelry journey down the aisle, it’s easy to get caught up in the engagement ring, and bride’s wedding band, but remember there’s another figure on top of the cake. The groom needs a wedding band that suits his style, too. Lashbrook is a premier designer of men’s wedding bands, and offers an array of modern, sleek styles. Sturdy and solid, one great choice is a Titanium domed band with tire tread. Depending on the groom’s comfort level wearing jewelry, the choice can be wide or narrow, and either with stones or without.

#5: Handle the extra details: Knowledge about your jewelry purchase will ensure you care for the ring properly, and understand the jewelry store’s responsibility. Once the bridal (and groom) jewelry selections are made, it’s vital to take care of the important “fine print.” Your jewelry associate will be able to measure your fingers and schedule sizing. Ask about guarantees, and get them in writing. Also make certain you understand recommended scheduled maintenance, as prongs can wear out and cause a greater chance of losing one of your beautiful stones. Also check on trade-in opportunities. A few years down the road, you may want to consider upgrading to a larger stone.

The new jewelry also needs to be protected against theft. Contact your insurance carrier about adding the new purchases onto your current policy.

Before the long white dress and the church filled with flowers, a happy couple needs to sit down individually and together and decide on the engagement ring, wedding bands, and other bridal jewelry. Listen to the pros! Visiting a professional, experienced jewelry store such as Janvier Jewelers takes the guesswork out of purchasing, and decreasing the risk of making a buying mistake. Ready to look for your perfect rings? Walk into our store and select one of our accomplished Jewelry Associates to assist you in answering your questions, and showing you our array of choices. Can’t make it into the store today? Call us at (302) 366-7448 or fill out our Contact Form!