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Ten Pointers To Help You Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring

Published date: May 27, 2015

How to Choose an Engagement Ring
Engagement rings come in all sizes, shapes, and colors to appeal to each individual’s style and budget. It’s a lifetime investment, so it’s important to put some time into thinking about the type of engagement ring that fits the wearer’s fashion sense and style. The last thing you want to do is walk in to a jewelry store and end up choosing an engagement ring that isn’t your fiance.

We have created ten sparkly pointers to help you choose the perfect engagement ring.

Determine your overall style

Before you step foot into a jewelry store, think about the woman who will be wearing the ring. Does she wear lots of jewelry? Is it big and chunky, or small and dainty? Take her average day into account as well. Does she work with her hands? If so, she may need a ring that doesn’t sit up high off her finger.

Set a budget that doesn’t make you pass out

Decide on the range you can spend up front, and stay as close to that as possible. The best engagement rings aren’t necessary the most expensive. If something must be sacrificed for budget’s sake, choose a bit smaller center stone or fewer side diamonds. Don’t ever sacrifice quality!

Visit an experienced, established jeweler

This is no time to call your cousin’s brother-in-law who sells jewelry at flea markets. It’s a good idea to choose a jeweler who has been in business several years and has a good reputation. A reputable jeweler will be able to answer your questions and provide you with a variety of unique engagement rings.

Decide on the type of center stone

The diamond was once the only choice, but that has changed in recent years. Lovely, uniqueengagement rings are now created from colored stones. Luxurious greens, rich ambers, and even delicate opals make a bold statement for the modern woman.

Narrow down which shapes are your favorites

As with diamonds, the shape of the center stone has changed in the last few years. Once, most of the center stones were round. Now, however, many other shapes are taking center stage. Choose a couple of your favorites, from marquis, to oval, two brilliant cut. Choosing the shape of the stone will help you decide what type of setting and side stones, if any, you are going to want.

Give thought to the metals you like

It’s important to notice the type of jewelry your love wears. Does she wear gold? Platinum? Is any of her jewelry rose gold? Choosing the right metal that best fits your fiancé, as it’s the base for the entire engagement ring.

Choose the type of setting

There are a ton of choices when choosing a setting for an engagement ring. An engagement ring setting should be chosen to set off the center stone. Look at several different styles, and decide which one looks more like your fiancé and her fashion sense. A more classically styled woman would most likely be happier with a less extravagant setting, while someone with a bolder style may prefer a setting with lots of diamonds.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Keep in mind throughout the process that this purchase is one of the most special ones you will ever make. Ask the jeweler questions about stones, settings, and metals that are available. If you are working with an associate who is short or impatient with your inquiries, or who doesn’t know the answers, go somewhere else.

Get a close friend’s second opinion

Most men can benefit from a second opinion. Its a great idea to take your love’s friend with you on the shopping expedition. She can offer a great deal of insight about the style and preference of the lady who will be wearing your ring.

Ask about warranties

Before the purchase, ask the jewelry associate about warranties and other terms of service. Do they handle ongoing maintenance like checking prongs? Do they have a program that you can trade the ring up for a more expensive one in a few years? Make sure you get all policies and warranties in writing.

Avoid rash decisions

Choosing a unique engagement ring that fits your fiance’s style is a big undertaking. In order to make a decision you will both be happy with, invest time into the selection. Don’t set a date to pop the question that doesn’t give you enough time to shop or puts pressure on you to buy a ring that isn’t necessarily the right one.

Proposing and getting engaged is thrilling and memorable. Do a little legwork, recruit the best friend and snoop through your love’s existing jewelry. All of these actions will lead you to an engagement ring that will delight and enchant. All without breaking your budget.

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