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Top Engagement Ring Trends For 2015

Published date: May 13, 2015

Engagement Ring Trends

If you have found “the one” and are planning to get engaged this year, the next step is choosing a beautiful engagement ring to commemorate the special occasion. Finding the right ring is a bit overwhelming, as there are an infinite amount of styles. Which one is the best engagement ring for you? No matter your taste or your beloved’s preferences, there are several gorgeous engagement ring trends for 2015, and one is sure to captivate you. Before you begin shopping in earnest, browse through eleven of the most beautiful engagement ring trends of 2015.

1. Eternity Bands As Engagement Rings

As a long-standing anniversary gift favorite, the eternity band has recently begun serving as an incredibly classy engagement ring. With no center stone, a band of diamonds encircling the ring finger is exquisite understated luxury. If the wearer is active with her hands and doesn’t want a high setting center stone, an eternity band may be the perfect selection, complementing beauty with everyday versatility.

2. Petite Engagement Ring Settings

Delicate is the word for this charming selection. Settings crafted with small stones and a thin band create a flattering look on most women’s hands, while also allowing the center stone to be the star. Elegant and timeless, this choice fits those who desire classy sophistication.

3. Colorful Center Stones

Automatically selecting a diamond as the center stone is a thing of the past. Colored stones have increased in popularity as the choice for the center stone. A rich turquoise, romantic red, or brilliant blue stone offers the modern women a deeply personalized, one-of-a-kind look for her engagement ring. The addition of a vibrant color may just be what you are looking for to sway your final decision.

4. Rose Tinted Gold

For the romantic lady, rose gold lends a warm tint of color while still maintaining the traditional engagement ring styling. The color of rose gold is flattering to a variety of skin tones, making it a lovely choice for someone who wishes to blend the traditional with the modern day in a unique and elegant way.

5. Fancy Cut Center Diamonds

A classic round diamond is exquisite, but lately different diamond shapes are giving round stones a run for their money for center stone drama. Cushion cut, emerald cut, princess cut, and the romantic heart shape cut are breathtaking alternatives to a round stone, providing a bit of uniqueness but giving up none of the dazzling sparkle.

6. Horizontal stone sets

Stones are typically set vertically, but a fresh take is to set the center stone in a horizontal, left-to-right direction. Oval and marquise stones bring an entirely original look and feel to a horizontally set engagement ring.

7. Mixed Metals

Now brides can have their cake and eat it, too! In days past, engagement ring choices were either yellow gold or platinum. Today, the bride can choose both, or more, of these lovely metals to be part of her engagement ring. Increase the stylish statement by choosing a setting that mixes two or more metals into a modern style.

8. Side View Detailing

Engagement rings are no longer focusing only on the top. Settings with side diamonds and intricate detailing are gaining in popularity with today’s engagement rings. Radiantly crafted settings that include alluring side view aspects add immensely distinctive splendor to the overall look.

9. Art Deco Style

What was old is new again with the art deco engagement ring trend. For the bride who values a timelessly classic look, an art deco engagement ring is an exceptional choice. Bold geometric shapes create a strikingly innovative look and feel designed to make a woman feel special.

10. Halo Engagement Rings

Did someone say “sparkle?” Halo engagement rings deliver it in spades! By circling the center stone with a ring, or halo, of smaller stones, the result is a resplendently dazzling treasure. For the bride who wants a boldly glamorous look in an engagement ring, this is for you.

11. Diamond Clusters

For an engagement ring that packs a punch, the diamond cluster blends glamor and charm to command attention. Gaining in popularity over the last view years, these are budget friendly and offer a great deal of vibrant style for the money.

The best engagement rings are an important life decision, and it’s vital to browse a variety of looks and styles. Thoughtfully consider the bride’s personal style and personality when selecting a ring, and realize there is no one-size-fits-all rule for modern engagement rings, as the current popular trends show. The engagement ring should be uniquely yours.

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