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How to Choose the Right Jewelry Designer

Published date: July 27, 2018

The sea of options out there is staggering. Customers today are lucky to have so many choices available when looking to purchase jewelry. However, choosing the perfect jewelry designer can often feel like an overwhelming decision. To choose the right jewelry designer, research designers, check their credentials, consider their long-term services, and select your new jewelry in person.

You want to find a designer that reflects your personal style, that uses the quality and style of diamonds or other precious stones which you prefer, and you certainly don’t want to compromise in any way. Plus, having jewelry custom made means that you can set the budget. Follow this guideline to find the right jewelry designer for you.

Research the Designers that Catch Your Eye

Just like any important purchasing decision, you should do your research. Look below the surface of any jewelry designer you’re considering. You should look at their reviews on the web, if they’re available, to get an idea for their online reputation and level of service offered. Find out how long the company has been in business and if local residents would recommend it.

Research designers to find out what their specialty is. For example, not all stores that carry a wide variety of fine designer jewelry are also experienced at creating custom pieces. Some designers focus on diamond rings and bridal jewelry, others might work only in gold, or maybe they specialize in vintage pieces. You will want to make sure that the designer’s strengths are in line with the styles and techniques that interest you.

Check the Designer’s Credentials

Reputable jewelry dealers and designers will have professional certifications to verify their skills and expertise. You should be able to see from the website if they are verified by national diamond institutes, design guilds or as fine jewelry vendors.

One tool that you can use is the free directory of certified, knowledgeable fine jewelers provided by Jewelers of America, one of the longest-standing associations in the country. You can search for designers in Delaware or look one up by name. The companies registered with JA take ongoing education courses regularly and follow a strict professional code of ethics.

Consider It a Long-Term Relationship

Fine jewelry is an investment for your family and for generations to come. As you search for the right designer, you should look past the initial purchase. Think about long-term maintenance and repair needs. Trustworthy designers will always stand by their product.

The designer you choose should offer an extensive guarantee for both the precious stones and workmanship. All valuable pieces should be properly maintained over the years. Plus, custom-made jewelry will require custom repairs if it’s damaged at some point. Therefore, you will want to select a designer that will be around for a long time and will be able to assist you with cleaning, maintenance, repairs and future purchases.

Pick a Designer in Person

This isn’t a decision that you want to make online. Anyone can make an attractive website, but not everyone can craft a beautiful piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime. It’s impossible to assess the quality of the workmanship and materials used from a picture published on the web. You won’t be able to inspect a diamond for inclusions or flaws. This is why shopping for fine jewelry online is risky. Be sure to watch out for the other main diamond-buying mistakes.

Choosing a jewelry designer is a personal decision. You will want to be able to discuss your preferences and vision in person. Meeting with the designer means that you can get to know their values, style and work process. Then, once you’ve designed the perfect piece of jewelry together, you can seal the deal with a handshake and a smile.

When you trust a certified dealer or designer, you are able to shop in person and more accurately assess the quality of the jewelry. This is also an opportunity to get expert advice and guidance with your buying decision. Because customer satisfaction is essential to their business, they work hard to ensure they are happy with the purchase. Answering questions, respecting your budget and providing reliable service should be standard procedure.

Choose Janvier Jewelers for Elegant Jewelry Design

There’s no need to compromise when choosing a fine jewelry designer. Janvier Jewelers has been an independent, family-owned jewelry dealer and designer since 1975. We take pride in providing the highest quality of service to the Newark, Delaware community. All of our associates have an average of 25 years of experience working with valuable jewelry. Janvier Jewelers is certified by the Gemological Institute of America in Diamond Grading and our associates are verified as Fine Jewelry Consultants and qualified to detect synthetic diamonds, identify, and color stone grading.