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Which of the Seven Most Alluring Diamond Bracelets Suits You Best?

Published date: January 10, 2017

Diamond Tennis Bracelet
When we think of diamonds, our minds go immediately to a gorgeously enormous engagement ring sparkling on the third finger. While rings are sumptuously lovely, they are not the only way to showcase a diamond’s radiance and beauty.

If you want the dazzle of diamonds, but not in a ring, a diamond bracelet is a perfect choice. Bracelets are versatile, dramatic, and lovely, and can be worn and admired for decades.
There are a variety of unique and interesting choices when it comes to bracelets. Let your taste, lifestyle, and budget be your guide!

Here are the top seven most popular types of diamond bracelets. You are sure to find one, or more, of them to be perfect for your wrist, or a lavish gift for the one you love.

Tennis bracelet.

You are most likely familiar with the diamond tennis bracelet, as it is the most well-known name in the bracelet family. It got its name from a tennis, when Chris Evert stopped a match during the U.S. Open when she lost such a bracelet. She asked for the game to be paused until she recovered her diamond bracelet.

The diamonds are set from one end of the bracelet to another in a row. This type of bracelet offers simplicity and elegance, at a variety of price points. The stone size is chosen based on preference and budget, as larger, closer set stones are more expensive, and smaller stones set further apart are more budget-friendly.

A tennis bracelet is radiant worn alone or with other bracelets, and is a fantastic, timeless choice.

Filigree Diamond bracelet

This is a romantic, vintage take on a diamond bracelet. Delicately woven filigree interspersed with sparkling diamonds is an understated, classic look for the woman who is the same. Filigree is lovely on its own, but completely mesmerizing when paired with a few, or many diamonds. The filigree bracelet can be dressy or casual, and offers a unique lift to any look.

Diamond Bar bracelet

This bracelet is made of a metal such as gold or platinum, with a row of diamonds set on the top, that lay beguilingly on the wrist. A bar bracelet is a sophisticated and glamorous option, and comes in many price points. In addition, there are variations of bar bracelets in regards to the corresponding metals. Some are delicate, single rope, other are multi-woven bands that connect to the bar of diamonds. This concept is for the modern, stylish woman who appreciates a clean, luxurious statement of style.

Diamond bangle bracelet

Bangles set the stage for a dramatic statement of class and style, and diamonds set within a bangle ups the look magnificently. Whether pave or channel set, a diamond bangle bracelet is a fascinating look designed for a chic, confident woman.

The best news is that, you don’t have to settle for just one! Bangle bracelets are captivating when worn alone, but completely splendid when stacked together.

Circle link bracelet

Instead of diamonds set next to each other, like a tennis bracelet, a circle link bracelet plays off the beauty of shapes. Circles of diamonds interconnect with each other to form a bracelet with tremendous sparkle and allure. Wildly glamorous, this bracelet offers a great deal of punch within a reasonable price point. A circle link bracelet typically sets small diamonds within each circle, allowing for a more palatable price for some consumers. However, it gives up none of the dazzling brilliance as the more expensive options.

Diamond charm bracelet

Whimsical and romantic, a charm bracelet is both fun and stylish. How better to make it ultra special than adding a gorgeously lovely diamond to the mix?
A diamond charm bracelet is a chain link bracelet with a diamond glittering separately from one of the links. This simple style is a wonderful gift, and a brilliant display of affection for any budget. A woman is certain to adore wearing a diamond charm bracelet for years down the road.

Diamond cuff bracelet

A true testament to modern style, the cuff bracelet is bold and inventive. Three inches thick or less than an inch wide, a cuff is unmistakably modern. Diamonds set at the top of the bracelet either in a pattern or a row create an unparalleled, memorable statement. Cuffs are dramatically lavish, and the woman wearing a well-crafted diamond cuff bracelet will feel confident and daring.

No matter your style or budget, there is certain to be a diamond bracelet that offers the look you seek within the price range you are comfortable paying. Whether for yourself or a gift, a diamond bracelet is sure to be a treasured piece of jewelry, now and for always.

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