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Tips to Make Sure You Buy an Engagement Ring that Fits Perfectly

Published date: February 2, 2016

Engagement Ring Sizing
Many ladies have dreamed about their marriage proposal since they were little girls. It goes something like this: The man of their dreams takes you somewhere romantic, goes down on one knee, asks you to be his wife as he whips out a fancy box containing a dazzling engagement ring, and …

…it won’t go past your second knuckle.

Okay, so that’s not how it goes in the daydream, but, unfortunately, some proposals end with the bride-to-be needing to have her ring sized. It’s a little heartbreaking to receive a gorgeously brilliant engagement ring only to give it up for sizing! If popping the question is on your horizon, don’t let this happen during your proposal. Here are a few quick tips, some sneaky we admit, to make sure you buy an engagement ring that fits perfectly.

Do a little thieving

It would be super easy to find her ring size if it was printed on the inside of her present jewelry, but that’s not the case. However, her rings hold the key to the ring size. While she’s out running errands, at work, or otherwise engaged, pilfer a ring you have seen her wear. Once you have it, you’ve got two good choices.

Take it to a jeweler

Smuggle the ring out of the house, and stop by a jewelry store. They can measure the ring and accurately tell you the size.
Go searching online. There are charts that show each ring size. Simply print one out, lay her ring on it, and PRESTO! you have your information.
This isn’t foolproof because: If you snag a ring that she wears on the ring finger of her left hand, marvelous. However, if it’s a ring she doesn’t wear anymore, or if she wears it on a different finger, you could still potentially end up with the wrong size.

Another option is to…

Enlist her BFF

A woman’s bestie knows all sorts of seemingly trivial information. She can tell you all about your love’s fear of monkeys, to her love of strawberry ice cream, to her bad grade in middle school. She’s a library of information, dude! Call her up and ask her if she knows your lady’s ring size. Either spill the truth, or tell her you are planning on buying her some other kind of ring.

This isn’t foolproof because: Let’s face it, this news is B-I-G. You need to decide whether or not the BFF can be trusted to keep the impending proposal to herself. This is why you may want to create a story about a different ring. At the least, swear her to secrecy about your plans.

If neither of these strategies net a ring size, sharpen your acting skills and…

Pretend to window shop. Invite your special lady to dinner at a restaurant close to a jewelry store. Casually suggest going in to look around, and see if you can manage getting her to have her finger sized while you are there. You may even want to go to the store beforehand and have a jewelry associate in on the plot. This will take some charm and subterfuge. You can do it!

This isn’t foolproof because: If you are the type of man who avoids shopping at all costs, or aren’t able to seem convincing, she very well may see through your ploy.

If one of these tips is successful, and you score your lady’s ring size, there are still a couple more considerations to make.

The width of the ring

While the same size across all rings is similar, wide rings tend to take up a bit more space, and sometimes need to be a tad larger. If you choose an engagement ring with a wide band, boost it a quarter of a size from what she normally wears to allow for the extra space.

The style of ring

Large, heavy mountings and intricately embellished rings are gorgeous and may just fit the bill for your best engagement ring choice. Keep in mind, however, the extra weight can pull the ring to the side, causing the diamond and other stones to sit on the side of your fiancee’s finger. If you opt for a lavishly ornate ring with side stones and other artistic additions, think about buying the ring a tiny bit smaller than normal. This way, the ring fits more snugly and is less inclined to slide sideways.

The good news is, even if all your plans fail and the ring is the wrong size, by choosing a reputable jewelry store, you can ensure minimal issues with ring sizing. Most professional jewelers even include it in the purchase price, and can size it in a day.

Choosing a captivating diamond engagement that fits your lady’s personality and dreams as well as your budget is no easy feat, and neither is finding her ring size. By using these quick tips, you gain a far greater chance of slipping the dazzling piece of jewelry onto her finger without incident.

If you are in the market for a romantically splendid engagement ring, take the stress out of the decision and visit Janvier Jewelers. One of our experienced Jewelry Associates will work with you to select a brilliant choice. We have assisted our customers in choosing engagement rings since 1975. Give us a call at (302) 366-7448 or fill out our contact form with any questions you may have!