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The Most Creative Engagement Ring Box Ideas

Published date: March 15, 2019

The engagement ring should be the show-stopper, it’s true, but it also deserves to have a special container. Why settle for the box from the jewelry store, when you can order or make the perfect box to celebrate your love? There are lots of reasons why fiancés and brides alike are looking for creative ring box ideas.

Some fiancés who are planning an unforgettable marriage proposal, want to present the ring in a more personalized way. Brides-to-be might be thinking about creative ideas for presenting the wedding bands during the ceremony. Other newlyweds may just want to make a treasured memento of their engagement. Whatever the reason, Janvier Jewelers has compiled a list of some great engagement ring box ideas for you.

Carved Wooden Box

You can have an extra special engagement ring box made from something close to home. Consider using the branch of a tree that is meaningful to you as a couple to make a custom wooden box. For example, you could repurpose the wood from a tree outside your first home or take a branch from where you had the first date.

Handy do-it-yourselfers can craft the box themselves. Or you could have a carpenter hollow it out and carve “Will you marry me?” on the box top. Either way, your fiancé will be stunned when she sees the diamond engagement ring inside and love the story behind its personalized box.

If you’re looking for an easier solution, there are tons of vendors online from which you can order a wooden engagement ring box with a personalized message carved into it. Consider having your names and the date of the proposal added to the container.

Capture the Moment

Couples want to remember the moment of the proposal forever. Now, you can capture her surprise on video with engagement ring boxes that have an embedded video camera. Ring Cam is just one company that makes this kind of high-tech box. It is specially designed to record the proposal and her reaction to the engagement ring that you selected.

Light up the Night

If you’re planning to propose at night, the moonlight may not be enough for her to truly appreciate the diamond sparkler that you picked out. Avoid this proposal mistake by selecting an illuminated container. You can find jewelry boxes with a light to ensure that none of the magic is lost in the moment when she says “Yes!”

Sweet Reminder of Where You Got Engaged

If you plan to pop the question while you are traveling or on vacation, consider finding an unforgettable souvenir. Ceramic stores and tourist shops are great places to look for the perfect box for a special ring. For example, you might find a container made from large sea shells at a beach resort. Or you can order a Disney style box for a theme park engagement. Or look for a jewelry box with the Eiffel tower if you plan to get down on one knee in Paris.

The Heart’s Compass

Another ring box idea that has a lot of meaning is to purchase a box that points to your future together. You can find a polished metal box or a box with an inlaid wood design featuring a compass rose or a Celtic compass. Some fiancés have opted for an infinity symbol. Either way, the wedding proposal will mark an important day for you as a couple and the engagement ring will be enclosed in deep symbolism.

Family Treasure

Not every family has heirloom engagement rings passed down from one generation to the next, but there may be an antique box with the same sentiment. For vintage engagement rings or more contemporary styles, an antique silver, glass or wooden box which has been treasured by family members will surely be appreciated by your bride.

Clearly on Display

Some engagement and wedding ring boxes are specifically designed to put the jewelry on display. You can find glass ring boxes made by a local company in Philadelphia and transparent acrylic boxes online. Some vendors will even help you personalize the container with the names or monogram of the bride and groom and the engagement date. This type of customized box is perfect for a sentimental proposal. Plus, it can also be carried by the ring bearer during the wedding ceremony and looks great as a keepsake on the shelf for years to come.

Write Your Own Love Story

For a super creative engagement ring box, consider making a book. You can find ideas for how to make a miniature photo album or scrapbook which recounts your unique love story. Not only is it a heart-warming DIY memento, but the ring can be hidden in the back cover of the book. Your fiancé will love all the thought and effort that went into making this memento.

The Happiest Ending

Similarly, consider making a real page-turner to help you pop the question using a favorite book. You can find tips on how to turn your fiancé’s favorite romance story into a ring box she’ll cherish forever. The engagement ring situated inside will ensure the happiest ending.

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Now, What to Put Inside the Box?

If you’re ready to get serious in your search for the perfect engagement ring, Janvier Jewelers is ready to help. We are happy to answer your questions and find a gorgeous diamond ring that fits within your budget. Janvier Jewelers has been your local expert in unforgettable engagements for more than 40 years. Come visit our fine jewelry store or call us at (302) 366-7448.