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The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for Choosing Diamond Earrings

Published date: April 14, 2016

Diamond Earrings
Congratulations on deciding to purchase a dazzling yet classic pair of diamond earrings. Considered the ultimate in understated sophistication, diamond earring are inspiring paired with a white button up and jeans, or resplendent with the most expensive evening gown.

While there may seem like a million choices involved in making your decision, with a little legwork up front, you can find the perfect diamond earrings for you or the one you love. Follow our ultimate buyer’s guide, and your decision will be a cinch.

Before you start shopping

There are three main points to think about before stepping foot in a jewelry store.

#1: Budget. One of the many fantastic aspects of diamond earrings is they come in all sizes and prices ranges. From a few hundred dollars to several thousand, you will undoubtedly be able to find some within your budget. It’s a good idea to think about how much you want to spend. Set a range that you would like to stay in, and look at earrings in that area.

#2: Quality. Just as with diamond rings, earrings are measured and priced according to the four C’s: Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat weight. The good news about diamond earrings is that, typically, you can purchase stones that are not as high quality as rings demand, so you can get more size for your money.

#3: Size. Look through magazines and online and figure out the size of earrings that appeal to you. Do you want bold and large, small and dainty, or somewhere in between? Size combined with quality primarily controls the cost, so it’s important to set a range with each component. That way, when it’s time to shop, you will be able to stay within budget while still ending up with earrings that delight and dazzle you.

What to look for while you are shopping

Once you nail down the budget, quality, and size range, it’s time to begin the fun part. Hit the stores! Ask a friend to accompany you for that all-important second opinion. Choose a handful of well-established local shops and pay a visit. As each and every pair of diamond earrings are unique, it’s imperative to see them in person before you decide. No buying online for this item!

Peruse each store’s inventory, and talk with the sales associates. This is the time to see if the size of the earrings you settled on are indeed what you seek.

When looking at the diamonds, make certain that both match in terms of shape and color. Feel the weight of the mounting to make sure they are not to heavy and will be comfortable to wear. Check out several pairs and compare each of them, and ask the associate any questions that arise. Ask about payment options and other important value-adds that the jewelry store may offer.

Making the purchase

After looking at the size of diamond earrings you initially thought you wanted, as well as some on either end of your budget spectrum, it’s decision time. Think about each pair that you found alluring and tempting, how much they were, and the store they were in. It’s important to feel a connection to the jewelry store, as diamond earrings are an investment. You want to buy from a place that will stand behind the purchase. Weighing your favorite pair against your budget is the best way to reach the right decision. Now all that’s left is saying “I’ll take those, please!”

Don’t forget proper care!

Not so fast! Now that you are a soon-to-be diamond earring owner, you must consider a few key points to keep your beautiful bling as safe and shiny as they day you bought them.

Choose the right backs. It’s an awful feeling to touch your earlobe and feel a bare spot where your sparkling diamond earring should be. Ask your sales associate to recommend screw on or tightly fitting backs. In addition, always make certain to fasten them correctly.

Clean them regularly. Earrings are prone to getting covered with hairspray, perfume, and other beauty products that can dull their brilliant radiance. Ask your sales associate the best way to keep them clean without harsh chemicals.

Visit your jeweler periodically. Even well-built prongs can wear out or break, so it’s important to take your diamond earrings in a couple of times a year to get checked out. A quick examination by the jeweler minimizes that chances of a losing a stone.

Choosing to purchase a stunning pair of diamond earrings is an investment that will delight you for decades down the road. Follow this ultimate buyers guide, and you will end up with exactly the pair of strikingly lovely earrings that are right for you.

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