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A Complete Guide to Men’s Wedding Bands

Published date: October 19, 2017

Men generally aren’t big ring wearers. And that’s OK.

Certainly, a few may own a memento from a fraternity, military organization/academy, college or sports team, but not too many wear them just for fun or to show off their personal style.

While it’s true that many men put considerable effort into finding the perfect ring for their special someone, these same men may also struggle with choosing their own wedding band.

If you have this dilemma, don’t worry; you’re not alone! Plenty of other grooms-to-be have been right where you are now. Some will consider seeking advice from their fiancé or family; and others approach the wedding band shopping process prepared to do research and homework.

Whichever group you’re in, you’ll want to be sure that you smile each and every time you look down on your new wedding band. So, here are our tips for selecting a wedding band that feels great and looks even better.

Begin with Finding Your Ring Size

A good men’s wedding band should be snug but not so tight that it squeezes the knuckle and affects circulation. Too loose, and a ring can catch or slip off without you noticing.

If you’re unfamiliar with your proper ring finger size, a jeweler can offer guidance into how to measure and determine this number. You can also try on different sizes or even try a plastic ‘trainer’ that has different sizes for your finger.

Deciding on Width

While women’s rings are usually slenderer, men’s bands vary from something equally skinny to something thick. This is where you get to express your personal style a bit.

Generally, men’s fingers and hands are larger than women’s, so a band should be proportional. Keep in mind, the wider the ring, the more likely the cost can grow as well. Width typically ranges from 2 mm, about the width of a nickel, to 12 mm, about the width of six nickels.

Most men’s rings are in the 6-9 mm range, width-wise, and the most common is 8 mm. Women’s rings typically range from 2-4 mm, although they can be wider, especially if someone combines an engagement ring and wedding band into one larger ring.

Men with larger fingers do tend to prefer wider rings. Someone with a finger size under 9 might seek a 6 mm ring, and someone with a 10 finger size might want something 8 mm.

Choosing a Metal for Your Wedding Band

While most of the variables involved in choosing a women’s ring involve the cut and quality of the diamond, the biggest choice facing men is what type of metal they prefer to look at and feel. Some men’s bands may include a small diamond or other stones, but the focus really comes down to budget and personal preference. Common types of metals include:

  • Yellow Gold.
  • A warm, subtle color and a nice traditional choice for rings/bands. The amount of copper and silver blended into the gold mixture also can affect the hardness and color.

  • Platinum.
  • This durable and rare metal never will lose its bright metallic white color. It is also naturally hypo-allergenic.

  • White Gold.
  • A brighter, cooler metallic color with plated rhodium that resembles platinum but is priced closer to yellow gold. (The plating may need to be replaced every 10 years).

  • Rose Gold.
  • This soothing, romantic color works well for many ensembles, especially if the bride has a similar color.

  • Palladium.
  • Bright, shiny, and durable, and generally costs less than white gold or doesn’t require re-plating.

  • Mixed metal.
  • Several colors are blended to create a unique, customized color.

The above list includes your common metals. (We can hear you yawning through the screen). But you’re not the common man are you? Well, you can rejoice in knowing these are not your only options!

When you shop with Janvier Jewelers, we’re proud to offer you endless options of Lashbrook wedding rings. Lashbrook allows you to create a unique, stunning, innovative wedding ring that you will be proud to wear for years to come. Below is just a cursory list of the types of metals that they offer for men’s rings. For a complete look into what they can do, check out Lashbrook’s website.

  • Wood.
  • Different hardwood inlays can be used over metal for a natural, warmer and exotic look.

  • Titanium.
  • One the most dense and strongest metals offers high sturdiness. Also recommended for people with skin sensitivities to other precious metals.

  • Carbon Fiber.
  • These lab-created inlays are structurally strong.

  • Meteorite.
  • Lashbrook has received permission to use pieces of the Gibeon Meteorite in Namibia, Africa, in inlays. This creates extremely unique crystalline patterns.

  • Tungsten.
  • Scratch-resistant and dense, but actually brittle if dropped/jarred.

Lashbrook Rings

Keep Usage In Mind

When selecting a band, some men – and even some women — need to consider their occupation and if a ring would need to be removed regularly for safety reasons, possible interactions with magnets or machinery, and even to protect the ring from being damaged.

For instance, medical positions like surgeons, nurses or lab techs may not be allowed to wear rings in sterile areas, even when kept under gloves.

Industrial positions such as plumbers also are discouraged from wearing rings. Positions requiring thick gloves, such as firefighters, may make wearing a larger ring difficult. Even a position in a restaurant or commercial kitchen may require temporary removal.

Overall Style Accents

Choosing a metal might be the easier part since there are a wide variety of styles, textures and fits. For instance, a matte finish is less reflective and might appeal to someone who doesn’t want something shiny and noticeable.

Some people prefer rounded edges, while others prefer something with more firm edges. Hammered rings offer a fun texture, as does scrollwork.

Trying on Your Favorites

Though there are all sorts of variables, part of the fun can be trying all the combinations of styles, looks and prices. Like the color but not the style? Like the feel of a certain metal but want something skinnier? Like larger width but think the metal is out of your price range?

A knowledgeable, service-oriented business like Janvier Jewelers will be able to work with you and your fiance to find you exactly what you need. Our independent family-owned business enjoys helping people discover the perfect rings to last the rest of their lives.

At Janviér Jewelers, we are looking forward to showing you our exceptional collection of wedding bands for everyday wear. We invite you to be a customer for life. Visit our Christiana Mall Location or call (302) 366-7448 to explore all the beauty that high quality jewelry can bring to your world.