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Ten Gorgeous Choices of Metals to Create Your Perfect Wedding Bands

Published date: October 21, 2015

Wedding Band Metals

Once you tie the knot, what do you want to see when you look at your left hand? Chances are if you are a female, you wish for an engagement ring with a beautiful stone in a style that suits your personality, and a complementing stylishly designed wedding band. A man often prefers a wedding band that is sturdy and comfortable.

Whatever your perfect rings entail, chances are the metal the rings are crafted from is not the first thought that comes to mind. While stone sizes and colors are “flashier” choices, the splendor of your unique wedding band greatly depends on the type of metal you choose.

Here are ten popular wedding band metal choices, and each of them offers advantages to the wearer.

GoldGold Wedding Band

Commonly used as the metal for engagement rings and wedding bands, gold is a fantastic choice. 24 Karat gold is the purest form of gold, however, it is soft which makes it easy to scratch and bend. 14 karat and even 10 karat gold metals are mixed with other, stronger metals, and are widely used to craft gorgeous engagement rings. Three shades of gold are popular and beautiful selections:

  • Yellow gold –¬†A sparkling yellow color is gold’s natural hue, but, in its purest form, it is too soft to use for jewelry. Other, stronger metals like copper and nickel are mixed with yellow gold. A timeless classic, yellow gold creates some of the modern woman’s most stunning jewelry.
  • White gold – While gold in it’s natural form is yellow, white gold is achieved by mixing it with white metals. Silver, nickel, platinum, and palladium are all utilized in the creation of white gold. The expense of adding these metals to gold, especially expensive metals such as platinum or palladium, sometimes causes white gold jewelry to be a bit pricier than yellow. White gold is a dazzling metal that evokes class and sophistication, and complements diamonds and sapphire rings splendidly well.
  • Rose gold – Rose tinted gold is gaining in popularity, and with its rich, luxurious blush, it’s easy to see why. With gold as a base mixed with copper, this beautiful color looks ravishing on all skin tones and with all stones, including diamonds. Rose gold is an alluring option for those who favor both vintage and modern jewelry.


Not completely sold on one color of gold metal for your engagement ring and wedding bands? Then choose a mounting that has more than one color of gold in the setting for extra drama and uniqueness. Yellow and rose, or white intertwined with yellow creates rings that are captivating treasures.


Platinum evokes exquisite luxury, and is a premier metal offering a high shine surface. Designers use platinum to fashion rings that are striking statements of style. On a practical note, platinum is generally stronger than gold, so a person who works with his or her hands would be less likely to scratch or bend a platinum ring. This metal is more expensive than gold, so it’s commonly found in higher end jewelry.


Palladium is a naturally white metal that is used to create stunning, inspired wedding bands and other jewelry. A hypoallergenic choice, this metal is not a budget option, although is typically less expensive than platinum. For the person shopping for uncompromising quality, palladium is worth the extra investment in terms of richness of color and style.

Diamond bandsDiamond Wedding Band

Whether a woman has an engagement ring or chooses to forego one altogether, a diamond band is a distinctive choice in understated class. Small, same-size diamonds set in a mounting give such a ring sparkle and radiance. Diamonds bands flatter every hand, and provide an alternative to the traditional 2 ring look of an engagement ring and wedding band. This is an optimum choice for those who crave simplicity with a dollop of inspired brilliance.


Durability marries affordability in this wedding band metal choice. Gaining in popularity over the last decade, tungsten provides a man with an option that is stylish but comfortable. This metal is almost impossible to scratch, and stands up over time, looking as good as the day it was purchased.

TitaniumTitanium Wedding Band

A man in particular often opts for this metal for his wedding band, as its light feel is more comfortable than some of the heavier choices. Don’t let the lightness of the metal fool you. A titanium ring is hypoallergenic, and one of the most durable of any selection. Titanium is naturally gray, but other metals mixed in with it can give it a darker gray color, or even black. Shoppers on a budget may also like this option, since it is less rare than platinum or gold, it doesn’t carry the high price tag of some of the other metals.

Cobalt chrome

Cobalt Chrome Wedding Band
A bright, shiny white surface makes this durable metal a sleek, sophisticated choice for a wedding band. Lighter than traditional gold or platinum, cobalt chrome offers a sturdier alternative without sacrificing innovative design. Cobalt chrome rings are a comfortable, budget friendly option for the man looking for a durable piece to wear every day.

Engagement ring and wedding band shoppers enjoy many choices, and deciding on a metal that is right for you takes time and consideration of style and budget. It’s a good idea to look at and try on a variety of metals to see which one looks and feels best on your finger.

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