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Fresh Jewelry Trends to Boost Your Summer Sparkle

Published date: August 13, 2015

Summer Jewelry Style

The heat of summer presents an array of style choices such as skirts, shorts, sandals, and tank tops. The warm summer months also change up our jewelry selections. What looks good for the summer of 2015? There are a variety of inspiring and captivating jewelry trends that glitter and shine. Choose one of our hot ideas, or mix a few together for your own uniquely modern summer look.

Native American

Update last season’s dress or blouse with a piece of jewelry inspired by Native Americans. Rough leather mixed with silver and bright stones of the earth create a classic yet modern statement. Top it off with complementing bracelets and earrings to complete the casually elegant look.

TurquoiseTacori Turquoise Ring

Part of the Native American trend, turquoise is lovely in its own right. Always on the forefront, this beautiful and soulful stone once again rockets to the top of the jewelry list this summer. Chunky rings to flowing necklaces, turquoise offers an earthy appeal. Pair it with other brightly colored stones as an extraordinary ensemble, or wear it by itself as a stunning focal point.

Yellow Gold NecklaceYellow gold

Stack your wrists and circle your throat with sparkling yellow gold this summer. Sunny and warm, it looks great with a tan, and is a wonderful vehicle for many of the summer’s popular stones. Bold and chunky or light and delicate, shiny or brushed, there’s a yellow gold piece of jewelry to suit all tastes.

Colored diamondsColored Diamond

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and these gorgeous pinks, yellows, and browns make them her favorite accessory, too! While colorless diamonds rock (see how we did that?) this summer calls for diamonds with a hue. Set in white, yellow, or rose, colored diamonds are sure to add a splendid splash.

Fine and romantic

Bold is good, but never underestimate the beauty of delicacy and grace. This summer, finely filigreed necklaces and thin, wispy earrings are the epitome of modern class. Add a uniquely delicate pendant for an extra dose of feminine appeal.
Layered necklace

Layered chains

Summer is the time for decadence, and this trend does it with style. Some necklaces are created with three or four strands of alternating length. Or, take a few chains you love and design your own. From short to long, in all shapes and metals, the layered chain sparkles.

Ear cuffs

The other end of the spectrum from delicate, the ear cuff is summer’s rebel child. These bold metal cuffs are worn high up on the ear instead of the lobe. This choice meshes personality, attitude, and style, and adds an element of daring and edge to any outfit.

Multiple-finger rings

Rings, rings, rings! The can’t miss seasonal purchase is the multi-finger ring. Wear it on your middle finger, and it covers the digits on each side as well. Uber sophisticated in metals with interesting shapes, this bold statement is perfect for the modern woman.

Geometrical shapesGeometric Ring

Science marries style in the newest summer trend. No matter the jewelry, it can be found in a geometric shape. Square metal bracelets, multiple sided earrings, and uniquely crafted rings all add up to a geometrical explosion of fascinating style. Liven up any outfit and boost your spirits with an architecturally designed bauble.


Summer means blooms everywhere, and jewelry is no exception. Some new ideas for jewelry where blooms are the star-shaped resin flowers clustered in a bracelet, and painted or etched flowers into gold or silver. The floral statement is both luxurious and romantic. Dressed up or going casual, these pieces are sure to charm and delight.
Fringe Necklace

Fringe effects

One of the hottest summer jewelry trends has “fringe benefits.” Necklaces with fringes made of metal, leather, and crystals are luxurious and interestingly stylish. These show stoppers create a heaping helping of drama and allure, making summer temperatures rise even higher.

Collar necklaces

If the layered look doesn’t grab you, a collar necklace may be more up your alley. Thick, bold metals designed to lay on your collar bone display an architectural, sophisticated elegance. Collars are hot this summer, and your local jewelry store has a variety styles to choose from that fit every budget.

Black is backtacori-onyx-earring

The darkest of dark may not be your first thought for summer, but nothing makes a classier statement. Choose deep black onyx earrings, or stack small black diamond bands on your finger. Blend them with brighter colors, or wear them on their own. Sophisticated and elegant, you never go wrong with black.

Drop earrings

From fancy to whimsical, drop earrings add an element of sass to summer. Swingy pearls and rough, round semi-precious stones make this jewelry statement a winner. Throw them on to add glamor to a plain dress, or choose a pair that matches your flip flops. The style choices are endless.

This summer brings a wide array of jewelry trends that meet every woman’s style. Edgy or classic, bold or understated, these style are certain to contribute an element of surprise and delight to your overall look. Blend one or two into your current jewelry collection, or dive into all of them!

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