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Durable Settings for A Ring That Lasts as Long As Love

Published date: January 5, 2018

Picking Ring Settings

When you are choosing a diamond engagement ring, you are picking out a symbol of eternal love and commitment. What many people never think of, however, are the qualities that can affect how durable that ring will be. Some setting types increase the risk of losing a diamond, while others are more likely to keep the stone safe and secure. An engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that will see daily wear and use. By balancing durability with beauty, you can better ensure that your diamond will continue to sparkle on her hand. A few of the things to look for when examining the perfect ring:

How complex is the design?

The less elaborate the design, the lower the risk of damage to the stone and setting. Simple solitaires are the least likely to get damaged by day to day wear. Added flourishes are added chances for the setting to catch on clothing and other materials, which can result in damage to the ring’s setting.

What metal does the ring use?

All precious metals can be scratched or damaged. However, some choices are able to stand up to daily wear with less chance of bending, marking or scratching. Gold is highly malleable. While a 24-karat gold ring, being made of pure gold, may seem like the best, it actually offers lower durability. Choosing 18-karat gold can offer higher strength. You can also look at white gold, which is often plated with rhodium for strength.

Many couples also look at alternate precious metals such as platinum. Platinum offers a cool and beautiful white-grey glow and can be restored if it becomes scratched or marked. Because it is more rigid than gold, the claws that hold your diamond are less likely to bend or weaken.

How do the claws hold the stone?

The claws are the small prongs that hold a diamond in place on a ring. More and heavier claws mean a ring that is more durable and secure. A six-claw setting, for instance, is more likely to securely hold a stone than a setting with two, three or four claws. Heavier claws are less likely to bend than more delicate ones. We offer a range of designs that strike a balance between appearance and durability.

One option to examine is the smooth rub-over bezel. This style does not use claws at all, instead placing the diamond within a secure ring. Look at many styles of ring to see which fits her preferences and her lifestyle.

How tall is the setting?

A taller setting means a ring with a diamond that is more exposed to risk during wear. These rings are more likely to get caught and bent. If she uses her hands often for hobbies or work, a lower setting can help avoid this. There are a number of sleek and elegant low-profile styles that sit closer to the finger.

The Final Say

Every woman is different. By looking at all of the many styles now available, you can find the one that is perfect not just for her look but for her life. At Janvier Jewelers, we put decades of knowledge into every purchase. We have the expertise and passion to help you pick a ring that brings together beauty and durability to create a lasting symbol of your love. Come visit our Christiana Mall Location or call (302) 366-7448 to start the process of shopping for the perfect engagement ring!