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Engagement Ring & Jewelry Trends: Two-Stone Rings

Published date: November 18, 2016

Two Stone Diamond Rings
You can never have enough money, time, health, or fun.

Or diamonds!

What could possibly be better than a ring with an exquisitely radiant diamond solitaire set artfully in your favorite metal?

Two diamonds, of course!

If you believe that more is, well, MORE, you are not alone. One of this fall’s hottest in-the-moment trends capturing everyone’s hearts and imaginations is the decadent, two-stone ring. This fresh take on jewelry starts with two splendid diamonds and fashions them both into one cleverly innovative ring. There are quite a few reasons that double stone rings are taking center stage.

First, they are gorgeous! Two-stones accent one another, and create a dramatically bold, alluring piece of jewelry that sparkles brilliantly. Whether the stones are round, emerald cut, or trillion cut, two stones cultivate a uniquely distinct statement of style and sophistication.

Second, they are budget-friendly. A ring created from two stones as opposed to one contains a larger total carat weight for a lower price, while sacrificing none of its classic brilliance. This way, a person can expand the possibilities of enjoying a lovely diamond ring that really makes a statement, without breaking the bank.

Third, they offer a new dimension in jewelry. While diamond rings have always been stunning, two-stone rings add a new layer. As an engagement ring, each stone can be seen as representing a different part of the relationship. From past and future, to passion and friendship, to representing each unique individual becoming one, a double diamond ring is a stunning symbol of a couple’s promise to each other. Two-stone rings aren’t just being spotted as engagement rings. Two children may gift their mother with a two-stone ring, with a diamond representing each of them. A ring with two stones is delightful for a woman’s two-year, or twenty year, anniversary. A young man may decide a two-stone ring is a lovely promise ring. Or, a lady may opt for such a ring simply for its beauty and unique silhouette.

If you are thinking a two-stone ring is the perfect combination of style and romance, here are a few tips to select the one that is right for you.

Examine them closely

The two stones should mirror and enhance each other, and the sum of the parts should be more dazzling than each component on its own. Make certain one stone is not noticeably bigger or of less quality than the other, and that they are set in a symmetrical way.

Consider who will be wearing it

A woman with larger hands will rock two large stones set at an angle in a chunky setting. On the other hand, a petite lady will be splendidly darling with two smaller, horizontally set stones. In addition, some rings are opulently laden with side stones, some sport diamond halos, while others are more luxuriously understated with few or no additional bling. Two-stone rings offer more style variations than their solitaire counterparts, so spend some time looking at a variety of them before making your decision.

Which brings us to the next important buying tip…

Shop in person

While pictures of two-stone rings online may give you a broad idea of your preference, there is no way to really tell the size or quality of the stones in a photo. Physically visiting a brick and mortar jewelry store and viewing the actual ring diminishes the chance of making a wrong decision, or being disappointed when the ring is delivered.

Set a budget range

While generally more economical than a large solitaire diamond ring, we are still talking about diamonds! Which undoubtedly means a cash outlay. However, by deciding up front the size of the investment you can afford, your jewelry associate will be able to better steer you in the direction of your best option. Perhaps you will choose round stones instead of the pricier, fancy cuts. Or, maybe smaller stones that are extremely high quality will catch your eye. Whatever your final ring decision, chances are great that you will be able to stay within your budget range.

The enticing trend of two-stone diamond rings is fiery hot and shows no signs of slowing down. By keeping these points in mind, and knowing the jewelry preferences of your special lady, or your own, you are sure to find a gorgeously crafted two-stone ring that she will be proud to wear.

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