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European Engagement Ring Trends in 2019

Published date: January 18, 2019

At the start of every new year, we like to take a look around at the changing fine jewelry fashions around the world. As we celebrate the beginning of 2019, the most striking styles seem to be popping up in Europe. This year, we are seeing some fabulous designs that are setting the bar particularly high for engagement rings.

Here’s what everyone shopping for an engagement ring should be looking out for in terms of engagement ring trends. This is bound to be the year of pavé and halo settings, cushion-cut and European-cut diamonds, colored diamonds, solitaire and three-stone rings.

Pavé Settings

We’ve been noticing an increase in the popularity of pavé settings, especially more complex designs. You are likely to see more rings with set with micro-pavé, tapered pavé and smaller diamonds that twist around the band. The Tacori Classic Crescent engagement ring, for example, has a romantic design that almost looks like lace.

In Europe, rings that have this kind of intricate shape enhancing a princess center diamond or along the ring enhancer are very on trend. This type of setting can be used in a lot of interesting ways and it provides an intricate background for simple center diamond cuts.

Halo Settings

This style has been growing over the last few years. The halo setting that encircles a center diamond with round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds color gemstones. Halo settings can be circular, oval, pear, emerald or square shaped to fit seamlessly around the main stone. It truly enhances a center stone by making it look bigger and more dominant. In 2019, we’re expecting to see some newer halo styles becoming more popular. Look out for drop halos, shield halos and floral motifs that add a more unique element.

The Frederick Goldman brand has some stunning halo engagement rings, including an emerald-cut center diamond surrounded by round diamonds forming a rectangular halo. The Tacori brand has given a special name to this type of diamond enhancer. You can see a sparkling selection of engagement ring ‘blooms’ which surround the center stone in smaller diamonds for a lot of impact.

Cushion-Cut Diamonds

This classic mine cut has recently be revitalized by engagement ring design. The cushion cut combines a square cut with rounded corners to maximize the stone’s fire. Though it may be shaped like a pillow, there is nothing soft about this eye-catching cut. Following the 2018 super trend, we will likely be seeing a lot of cushion-cut diamond rings framed by halos this year. Verragio has crafted some great examples of this trend in the Venetian line, including an engagement ring with a double cushion halo and elegant split diamond band.

European-Cut Diamonds

The name says it all. This year you will be seeing a lot of old European-cut center diamonds on engagement rings. This classic round shape has come back in style, as all timeless trends do with time. European jewelers have been crafting more rings featuring European-cut solitaires and more often they are diamonds with a light yellow color. Set in rose gold, these beauties really shine.

Colored Diamonds

This year’s mega-trend might just be colored diamonds. Radiant-cut center stones are showing off some exciting new hues these days. Early last year, England’s Princess Eugenie showed off a beautiful – and very rare – pink colored padparadscha sapphire engagement ring encircled by smaller white diamonds. Gwyneth Paltrow also debuted a ring that can go unnoticed with a deep blue stone. On the tails of these celebrities’ jewelry pieces, European ring designers have been showcasing a rainbow of engagement styles. One of the most popular colors for this year is expected to be canary – a bright shade of yellow.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Another classic which is making a comeback in 2019 is the traditional solitaire engagement ring. Of course, the rings that are gaining popularity put a twist on the classic style. Like the Parisian-120 by the bridal designer Verragio, solitaires with flare can have rose gold accents and sit atop intricate bands. Or look at the Wren engagement ring by ArtCarved; it’s a simple solitaire on a twisting rope band embellished with little sparkling diamonds. The unique band gives it a fresh, contemporary look.

Three-Stone Rings

When news spread that American actress, Meghan Markle, was engaged to Prince Harry, everyone wanted to get a peek at her left hand. We were surprised to find a custom three-ring sparkler designed by the English prince himself. The trio of stones includes a large, three-carat cushion-cut diamond from Botswana between two smaller diamonds from Princess Diana’s collection. The ring is set in yellow gold, the new royal’s favorite. Since that moment, European jewelers have been hurrying to fill the demand for similar styles. Although, we are expecting to see more engagement rings with multiple stones set in white gold or platinum.

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