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How to Build a Classic Jewelry Wardrobe: Start with Diamonds

Published date: October 5, 2017

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Building the perfect jewelry collection takes some time. The beauty of the process is that you have something exceptional to look forward to with each piece, if you start with diamonds. It’s not only about engagement rings anymore! Diamonds truly are the cornerstone of an amazing looking jewelry wardrobe. Classic. Enduring. Strong. Plus, they are just so sparkly and fun! They can be incorporated into everyday wear with ease. A woman can wear diamond accessories to work, in casual settings, and just about anywhere. The versatile diamond truly is your best friend. Wink. Wink.

You have to look at the many attributes that diamonds can bring to your look and lifestyle. Each diamond is uniquely beautiful, which is why picking out a selection of diamond jewelry accessories for your wardrobe should be based on your specific budget, so you can get the highest quality stones you can afford. Knowing a little bit more about diamonds will help you make smart choices that will last a lifetime. Here’s a more in-depth look at how to build a classic jewelry wardrobe with gorgeous diamonds as your touchstones. We are Janviér Jewelers in Delaware and have the largest selection of diamonds in the state, being a distributor of Gabriel & Co Diamonds, you’re sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

A Brief Education About Diamonds

You have probably heard of the “4Cs” of diamonds. It’s alright if you aren’t specifically sure what each point is unless you’ve shopped extensively for diamonds before. The 4Cs are Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat weight. There are other factors as well, such as table and depth or fluorescence, but let’s get the basics down first.


This is probably the most important factor for a diamond. Buy the highest quality cut you can afford. This will be in the range of “fair” to “ideal.” Most people like to stick to “very good” or “excellent” in most pieces of accessory jewelry.


Diamonds are rare and precious stones, with that being said, some do have flaws. The clarity is how much you’ll be able to see the flaws to the naked eye or without a jewelers loupe, to magnify the stone. Depending on the piece of diamond jewelry you want to buy this is a personal preference. It varies from SI2, on the low end to FL (flawless) on the high end. It’s based on the “inclusions” you might be able to see in a stone. Mid-range is VS2 or VS1. You probably won’t be able to see those inclusions without a jewelers loupe.


Color is another factor. A very white and bright diamond is going to be in the colorless range of D, E, and F. Near colorless is G, H, I, and J. Anything lower than that and you are looking at a warmer diamond where you might be able to distinguish a yellow appearance from a K on down to Z (light yellow). Most people tend to stick in the G-J range for everyday jewelry.


Carat weight is the easiest thing to discuss because it’s what most people think of first when they consider diamonds. Don’t fall into the bigger is always better trap. You have to consider overall quality of the diamond first and that isn’t always a bigger carat. Just to give you an example, sometimes a 1 carat stone will look smaller than a similar stone that weighs in at .90, if the less carat stone is a higher cut quality.

Types of Diamond Jewelry for Everyday Wear

Now that you know a little bit more about how diamonds are classified, it’s time to get to the fun part. That would be discussing what types of jewelry you need to build the ultimate diamond wardrobe.

Some Earrings: Studs and Diamond Hoops

With diamond earrings, this is a great place to begin your jewelry wardrobe. Diamond studs or hoops never go out of style. You can wear each piece with ease on a daily basis, because they go with everything. You have a few choices of diamond shapes for earrings, but at Janviér Jewelers we have a large selection in-store at our Christiana Mall location, so you can see for yourself the high quality stones we have for earrings.

(Here’s our ultimate buyer’s guide to choosing diamond earrings.)

For studs, think about the total carat weight you want. Most people like to start with 1 carat total weight for the studs in either a classic round or princess cut stone. You can get a high quality stone, but the clarity sometimes doesn’t have to be as high. No one is looking so close to your face and ears that they’ll be able to tell on this. If you want to save on price a bit, you can look at stones that are in the SI1 and SI2 and still get gorgeous, sparkling stones to have on your ears.

Hoops are a fun addition to your classic wardrobe that add a touch of sparkle to your look. There are many sizes and shapes of hoops to explore that it’s best to come in and try some on for yourself. That way you’ll be able to see what you’re comfortable with that flatters your features.

A Necklace: Solitaire and Three-Stone

When going into the search for a diamond necklace, you want to consider either a solitaire stone or the popular “three-stone” diamond necklace, either in a vertical line or just lined up horizontally next to each other. It’s really up to you on your preference, but it’s certainly fun to try on different styles and carat weights of diamonds. Again a 1 carat total weight is a great place to start on this front as well.

The Bracelet: The Line or “Tennis” Bracelet

The next place to go is obviously your wrist with a line or “tennis” bracelet. This is an entire bracelet made solely of diamonds set in either white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or even platinum. Gorgeous and decadent, this is going to take your jewelry wardrobe up a notch to exceptional.

Funny story, the line bracelet started to be called a tennis bracelet in the 1980s when tennis star, Chris Evert, lost hers while playing a match at the US Open. Even she knew the importance of wearing diamonds daily during any activity!

Most people start in the 2-3 carats total weight range, but it can go up to as high as you want, depending on your budget. Keep in mind this is another spot where you can come down slightly on the clarity and color to get more bang for your buck on size.

Right Hand Ring

Of course, no true diamond jewelry wardrobe is complete without a stunning right hand ring. Or wear it on your left, there aren’t any rules with diamond wear anymore. Lucky for the confident woman, diamonds aren’t something you have to wait to get anymore. Buy your treasures yourself on your own accord. We can even help you design custom jewelry.

At Janviér Jewelers, we are looking forward to showing you our exceptional collection of diamond jewelry for everyday wear. We’re invite you to be a customer for life. Visit our Christiana Mall Location or call (302) 366-7448 to explore all the beauty that high quality diamond jewelry can bring to your world.