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Top Jewelry Trends for Spring 2017: The Year of Diamonds

Published date: May 8, 2017


The weather is warming up, the birds are singing, and spring has begun to breathe new life into everything around us – including your wardrobe!

You may be looking down at the chunky bracelet or watch on your wrist and feeling like it’s time to trade in those winter jewelry pieces for some fresher, lighter or daintier spring jewelry pieces.

Here’s the problem we often hear: each spring brings different fashion trends that are complemented by different jewelry styles. How’s a girl supposed to keep up with these jewelry trends without having a jewelry box that’s overflowing with old and outdated pieces?

To help you keep up and keep your jewelry box tidy, we’ve put together a list of the top jewelry trends for spring 2017 with a few pieces that are sure to become staples you can wear for years to come!

Accessorize Your Spring Wardrobe with These Stunning Jewelry Pieces

1. Layered Bangles

Complete your new spring outfit by accessorizing with some layered bangles. This look has become extremely popular for everyday, casual fashion. You can keep the look low-profile by wearing only a few simple bangles, or you can layer on some extravagant bangles with gemstones. Either way, these are pieces should be a staple in your jewelry box!

2. A Bold or Dainty Choker

This year’s runways really gave a lot of attention to the choker trend. Whether it’s a bold statement piece or a dainty design, chokers can be the ideal complement to an off-the-shoulder look. Chokers come in a variety of jewelry metals or fabrics and look great when decorated with gemstones or diamonds.

3. Statement Pendants and Necklaces

You read that correctly! Your mother’s and grandmother’s style of chunky gold necklaces and statement pendants have come back around full-circle! Every woman should have at least one of these high-end vintage jewelry pieces to complete their jewelry collection.

4. Colored Diamonds

Last year, we saw a rise in the sale of rose gold. This year, it’s no surprise to us that one of the hottest colors for spring fashion is blush! As this color trend sweeps through the fashion industry, it should come as no surprise that colored diamonds are seeing a rise in popularity as well. Pink and yellow stones are “having their day,” so to speak!

5. Multiple Rings

Whether large or small, sterling silver or gold, wearing multiple rings on one hand is definitely a trend that we’re enjoying this spring! The best part? Even when this trend fades out, you can keep your favorite rings and bring them out in rotation!

6. Asymmetrical Jewelry

Some modern and inventive jewelry pieces are moving toward the concept of asymmetry. From a pair of earrings with mismatched diamonds to a pair of earrings that are a seemingly unintentional pair, this trend is perfect for the bold fashionista.

Whether you’re looking for a classic jewelry piece or a new statement piece to complement that new spring top you bought yourself, you can feel confident that Janvier Jewelers has what you need.

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