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Top 5 Diamond Buying Mistakes

Published date: July 7, 2016

Diamond Buying Mistakes
Diamond shopping is fun and exhilarating, or is it? While the purchase is rewarding, the actual decision process can become frustrating. Why? There are many choices of stones, coupled with an enormous variety of jewelry stores, and you are laying out a significant amount of money. It’s easy to make the wrong decision, and end up with a diamond that falls short.

Before you fork over your hard-earned money for a diamond, check out these top diamond buying mistakes, and how to avoid them.

#1: Deciding too quickly

Rash decisions rarely bring happy results, and diamond buying is no exception. Remember, this is most likely a piece of jewelry you (or a loved one) will wear for the rest of your life! While you may have a short timeframe to choose your diamond, don’t buy the first one you look at just to have the purchase complete. Take your time, look at different styles and price points, and give serious thought to the diamond that fits your needs and budget.

#2: Choosing price over quality

Going with a cheap diamond is one of the easiest ways to end up with buyer’s remorse. Either it’s not the color or clarity you wanted, or it isn’t the size you preferred. Taking the time to review your choices should enable you to find a dazzling, radiant diamond within or close to your budget.

#3: Buying online

Diamonds are one of a kind and their true brilliance can only be experienced in person. Fly by night jewelers on the web may swear you are receiving a high quality diamond, but are you really? And where will they be if you break a prong or need the ring maintained? Choose to do business with a reputable, brick-and-mortar jeweler, even if it costs a little more. Your piece of mind is worth it.

#4: Failing to get educated beforehand

You don’t have to be a gemologist, but do a little research about diamond quality in advance so you are familiar with the terms color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. This intel goes a long way toward making a smart and informed decision, and not getting stuck with a low quality stone.

#5: Thinking all diamonds are alike

Every diamond is unique, and the pricing and look depend on the different quality components. Saying “ooh they have a one carat diamond for $3000” means little if the diamond is deeply flawed and dull yellow. Understanding this keeps you on the road to owning and wearing a gorgeous diamond that will delight you.

Purchasing a diamond is a big decision, and shouldn’t be made lightly. Put some dedicated thought into your purchase by educating yourself on diamonds, not rushing your decision, and realizing price isn’t everything. Doing this will ensure your purchase is the right one.

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