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The ABC’s of Choosing the Right Style of Engagement Ring

Published date: February 29, 2016

Engagement Ring Styles
Popping the question is an exciting experience, but it comes with lots of, well, questions! Where to ask her, and when to do it, and will she say yes? Another big decision is the ring! If you said “I’m buying her a diamond,” that’s only half the decision. What type of style and setting will she treasure for years to come?

Hadn’t thought of that yet, huh?

The right style and setting of ring is an important part of the decision. Pick out a flashy and dazzlingly huge ring for a demure woman, and she may feel uncomfortable wearing it. On the other hand, choose a simple, understated ring for a dramatic diva, and you’re liable to get it smashed upside your head.

We may be exaggerating a bit on those examples, however, it’s essential that you put thought into the style of engagement ring. Here are the ABC’s of how to make the right styling decision.

A: Artsy.

Is your true love passionate about art, theater, singing, or other types of artful enjoyment? Is her dream honeymoon Paris? Then you have fallen in love with a wonderfully artsy lady, and her engagement ring needs to reflect that aspect of her personality.

Choose: A unique setting, with intricate scrolling on the sides. It doesn’t have to be huge or expensive, as long as it’s interesting and imagination capturing. Perhaps a brilliant cut diamond with a rose gold profile, with either lovely scroll work on each side, or diamond accents. Artsy ladies also love curves, so a setting with intertwining sections of band delights and captivates.

B: Bold.

If you have fallen in love with a woman who doesn’t mind, in fact relishes, being the center of attention, dresses in bright colors, and speaks her mind, you have gotten yourself a bold love! Put a smile on her face with an engagement ring setting that speaks to her out-stated nature.

Choose: Take note of larger settings, as these will most likely appeal to a bold woman. Angles and lines adorning the center stone are fabulous ideas. Another fantastic idea for a bold woman is to choose a setting with colored side stones. Sapphires or rubies are terrific options, giving testament that your chosen one isn’t like everybody else.

C: Classic.

If little black dresses, white blouses, and nice, well-made handbags fill up your lovely lady’s closet, she is indeed a classic. This type of woman prefers substance over trends, and chooses items that will look stunning decades down the road. Put all of this into her diamond engagement ring.

Choose: A deliciously sparkling round cut diamond adorned with a brilliant row of side stones will charm her without being “too much”. Choose a classic metal such as platinum or gold, and make certain the stones are high quality, dazzling gems.

D: Dramatic.

A passionate and fiery woman are enthralling to be around, so congratulations if you are asking one for her hand in marriage. Not afraid to make a scene if a decision warrants, showing unbridled affection to those she loves, and living by her own rules create an enticing woman that is irresistible.

Choose: Flashy but tasteful is the recipe to make a dramatic woman happy with her engagement ring. Resplendent stones should grace a such a woman’s hand. A princess cut diamond adorned with pave diamonds on a double swirl band will delight and thrill her.

E: Eclectic.

If you future wife is funky and vibrant, and marches to the beat of her own drum, you’ve got an eclectic gal. This unique lady has a style all her own, and may even blend different ideas of fashion, vintage skirts with ruffled blouses, for example, to create her own, original statement.

Choose: It doesn’t need to be big and flashy, but an eclectic lady’s engagement ring should speak to her distinct tastes. A vintage style with beautiful, romantic scroll-work on the sides of the setting is a lovely choice that is sure to charm. Blends of yellow and rose gold intertwined is also a funky and alluring option.

F: Fashion-forward.

If she must have the newest fashion find, possessed an Apple watch the first week they were on the market, and spends hours pouring over trendy catalogs, she is a fashion-forward diva.

Choose: The order of the day for a fashion-forward lady is rose gold, mixed metals, and colored center stones or side stones. Beautiful chocolate diamond side stones perfectly complement a radiant center stone, especially set in a modernly crafted, sophisticated mounting.

G: Gentle.

She loves animals, children, old people, and rarely raises her voice. The sweet, gentle lady that is going to become your wife will adore and appreciate a beautifully designed ring that fits her quiet nature.

Choose: Simplicity is what speaks to a gentle woman’s heart. A setting with channel set side diamonds with a gorgeously sparkling center stone suits a gentle soul perfectly, and will enamor her for years to come.

Taking the plunge into engagement is a memorable time of a couple’s life, and the engagement ring is a crowning achievement. Know the ABCs! Think about your love’s taste and personality, and invest in a setting that speaks to her heart and her preferences.

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