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Upgrade Your Engagement Ring Without Losing the Sentiment

Published date: June 21, 2018

Wedding Ring Update

Whether it’s for an anniversary or just for a change of style, an upgrade is a great way to give new life to an engagement ring. Because the ring represents such a special moment and important relationship, any modifications should be carefully planned. In the end, you and your partner can design an engagement ring upgrade that actually enhances its sentimental value.

When It’s Time to Upgrade Your Ring

Modifying an engagement ring is an extremely personal choice and it usually depends on a number of factors. Some of the key reasons to upgrade an engagement ring include:

  • Mark an anniversary – A newer style on your ring could be a great way to celebrate a special anniversary or a vow renewal.
  • Celebrate successes – When couples decide to get married, they can’t always afford the ring of her dreams. As their finances change, upgrading an engagement ring can be a way to commemorate their successes.
  • Update the look – Sometimes the reason for upgrading a ring is simply to keep up with the times or a change in preferences. Most pieces of jewelry aren’t timeless. Trends related to diamond cut, ring settings and the type of metal used for the band change over the years.
  • Restyle an inherited ring – You may also want to give a fresh look to a ring that has been in the family for generations.

Whatever the reason is, there are lots of ways that you can change an engagement ring without losing its sentimental value.

How to Upgrade or Update an Engagement Ring

Designing a new or improved engagement ring should be a fun process. There are virtually limitless possibilities.

First, you should have the ring properly appraised by a trusted diamond specialist. You should be well informed about what the diamond and metal are worth before deciding to change something.

Then, you will want to select the style of ring you prefer. If you don’t already have a particular look in mind, do some research online and visit your favorite jewelry store to see what types of rings are available and on trend. If you want to upgrade because the style seems dated, it’s best to look for a more timeless piece.

Next, you and your partner should set a budget. Knowing the appraisal value of your current engagement ring and diamond, plus the type of ring that you desire, it will be easier to determine the ideal price range for the upgrade. Setting a budget also ensures that you and your partner have realistic expectations from the beginning.

Finally, you and your partner should meet with a diamond jewelry designer together. This type of specialist can advise you on the different options to enhance or modify your engagement ring and achieve the style you want. Make a plan for a custom ring upgrade, selecting a setting, center diamond shape, carat and metal for the band. Designing a ring together will ensure that the upgraded ring not only maintains the sentimental value, but actually enhances it.

Ways to Preserve the Ring’s Sentimental Value

It’s important to discuss your desire to modify the engagement ring with your partner. Upgrading the piece should be a mutual decision. Including your partner in the process, and designing it together, only enhances the value of the new ring. Look at it as a great way to attach more happy memories to an already remarkable piece of jewelry.

Here are some ideas on how to upgrade your ring while maintaining its special meaning.

Reset the Diamond

A simple way to upgrade an engagement ring is to use the original center stone as a side stone. This makes room for a larger center stone in a new setting. Some couples also like to add family diamonds as decorative side stones to make the ring even more special.

Choose a New Band

You can give your diamond a fresh look just by setting it in a new band. Switching from yellow gold to platinum or white gold, for example, is a quick way to modernize the style of the engagement ring. You could also consider changing the size or design of the band, or switch to a pavé band for extra sparkle.

Replace the Center Stone

Consider trading in the original diamond for a higher quality stone or a different cut. Some couples plan an upgrade from the very beginning. If they don’t have the budget for a large center diamond at the time of engagement, they can plan to upgrade the stone years later. This is a great way to get the sparkle that she wants, while adding value to the setting and style that he caringly picked for the proposal.

Add a Ring Enhancer

Another option is to add a complementary enhancer, wrap or anniversary band. Without changing the original engagement ring that holds so much meaning, this is an easy way to boost its appearance.

Add Side Stones

Smaller diamonds or colorful gemstones can be added to the engagement ring. Stones with special meaning, like birthstones, around the center diamond, can make the ring even more unique.

Have the New Ring Engraved

For a special touch, you can have the upgraded ring engraved with your partner’s initials or your wedding date.

Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

It’s possible to make your engagement ring even more special. Upgrading can be the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to choose a ring together. Remember, it’s not about breaking the bank, but the goal is to restyle the ring you already love into a piece of jewelry that better represents your personality.

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